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Posts tagged: Vegan Humor

PREPARE YOURSELF & GIRD YOUR LOINS!!! [History of Veganism Part Three Trailer]

Prepare yourself and GIRD YOUR LOINS for The Third Coming of The History of Veganism! We’ve travelled back to Ancient Times in Part One, braved The Middle Ages in Part…

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America’s Got Talent Star Myq Kaplan Finds Humor In the Darkness

When you see a vegan on mainstream television, they’re usually portrayed as either the buzzkill to every social event the characters attempt to partake in, the strange hippy who lives…

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A Vegan Celebrity Who’s *Actually* Vegan | Interview With Comedian Myq Kaplan

With the recent Beyonce vegan debacle, it’s easy to lose faith on so-called vegans in the public eye. Well, comedian Myq Kaplan [sic] is the real deal. He’s a 2010 last…

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How NOT To Make Someone Vegan

  When you’re newly vegan, and sometimes even when you’ve been vegan for a while, your passion for your new-found (or established) way of life knows no bounds.  Like, literally…

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Are You Vegan Enough? Featuring The Vegan Police

When you really start to get into the intricacies of veganism, things can become rather overwhelming rather quick: What about medication, toiletries, beauty products, plastic, car tires, and on and on. …

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