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Posts tagged: Vegan Humor

Vegans Kill Plants! (Warning: GRAPHIC PLANT VIOLENCE)

As a vegan I get some really interesting comebacks and arguments against a vegan lifestyle.  When someone’s trying to point out the fallacies of a vegan lifestyle, they almost always…

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The Veganizer: Punching Faces and Traumatizing Children…for the Animals

(Stay for outtakes after the credits!) this is the be all to end all of bonus nuggets: The most effective way to convert people to veganism ever! A tongue-in cheek…

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A Word On Vegan Douchery (Why Are Vegans A-holes?)

There is this thing in the vegan community I’d like to refer to as “douchery.”  It’s when people have the elitist attitude that only certain people can be vegan.  Let…

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Welcome to Bite Size Vegan!

Hi, and welcome to Bite Size Vegan where you can find fun, friendly information on veganism in under 5 minutes every time.  Do you want to know more about a…

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