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Posts tagged: Vegan Recipes

Guide To A Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Guide To Thanksgiving: Recipes, Relatives And Reality

Table of Contents How It Started: The Very First Thanksgiving What to Eat: Vegan Recipe Roundup Help Friends & Family “Make the Connection” Presidential Turkey Pardons Trivia Remembering the Individuals…

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How To Eat Vegan On $4 A Day | Recipes & Resources

What if I told you being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive? What if I told you how to make a healthy vegan meal for less than a dollar? What…

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15 Easy Egg Substitutes | Vegan Quick Tip

Want to do some vegan baking but don’t have the availability, money, or desire for a pre-made vegan egg substitute? Then you’ll love today’s vegan quick tip! (That’s I thing…

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3 HomeMade Vegan Ice Cream Recipes for Omnivores!!

This past weekend was my mother’s birthday gathering with some of her closest friends. The whole group were omnivores, so I decided to try some vegan ice cream recipes to see…

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Banana Cream Date Pie Recipe | Raw Vegan & Raw Till 4 Versions!

The good thing about making little bite size pies, is that if you eat the whole pie…you don’t really have to feel that bad about it. :)  Today’s video is…

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