Please Note: The website is currently under construction.

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Bite Size Vegan is currently still a one-woman operation. Given the high volume of messages, emails, and contact form submissions I receive, I'm not always able to reply to each individually, nor in a timely manner, though I do my very best.

Please know that this is no indication of the importance of your message, but rather a result of my own limitations of time.

To find help with your question in the meantime, you can:

1. Search this website for videos, articles, and resources:

  • See the "Explore" section on the home page for common topics and areas of question
  • Peruse video playlists pre-sorted by topics, series, video types, and more in the vegan library
  • Use the open search and/or tag and category drop-down menus at the top of the library page and in the sidebar of every individual post

2. Search the the YouTube channel using the magnifying glass feature (same as open search on the website) and/or view all the playlists on YouTube here.

My sincerest apologies for any delay or lack of response. This is my least favorite aspect of Bite Size Vegan growing more and more. I do read and greatly value your messages!