Donor Tier Name Survey

Thank you so much for sharing your input on the new donor tier names! It's a huge help to get feedback from the very peeps this is for!

Like the pledge tiers Patreon has, the new donor tiers will each have their own name. So, for example, the $5 tier could be titled "Hen's Hero", and the $15 tier "Cow's Champion," etc.

This survey isn't about deciding which amount will have which title, but rather narrowing down the title options, which I'll then apply to the levels.

1 Animal & Term Pairings
2 Overlapping Animals
3 Overall Favorites
  • Choose your favorite animal & term pairings

    Each tier title will be a pairing of an animal and a "protector" term. Each protector term can only be used once. In this section, I want to know which pairing you prefer for each protector term.
  • Note: Only one of the two terms would be used (either Savior or Safeguard).
    Example: Sheep's Savior or Sheep's Safeguard