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Last Embrace of Mother & Child

There are mothers all over the world who are, at this very moment, having their newborn babies torn from their side. This happens day after day, child after child. You may be contributing to this heartbreak with your daily choices. Watch the video above and see the videos linked below to learn more. Help families stay together.

When you eat dairy, whether it be milk, yogurt, ice cream or cheese, you're tearing a newborn baby calf away from their mother.

Cows, just like us, and all mammals, only produce milk for their babies after giving birth.

In order to produce a constant supply of milk for human consumption, dairy cows are repeatedly forcefully impregnated.

Because calves suckle from their mothers, as they are meant to do, they must be taken away to preserve the “product” for humans.

The males are of no use and are brutally confined and killed for veal as babies.

The females replace their mothers, whose bodies give out from the grief and abuse decades before their life expectancy.

This is the face of dairy.

Keep families together. Ditch Dairy. Go Vegan.


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See through the eyes of mother and child
A resource for talking to kids about this issue

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  1. Nancy Correa on March 25, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    I have been documenting atrocities that are considered standard practice in the animal milk industry for years. I can attest to the fact that mother cows suffer terribly at the loss of their newborns. They go mad with grief.
    the males are sometimes murdered right in front of them, or left to starve only a few feet away from the mothers. The female babies live a lonely existence in a hutch away from their mothers. They are not allowed to partake of their mother’s milk. Whether on a humane, organic or homesteading farm the result is the same the females repeatedly raped, the babies kidnapped and murdered.
    Animal advocates, please consider these neonates when you say vegetarian /vegan or animal welfare/animal rights in the same breath. They are not the same. There is a world of suffering, a world of hurt between the two. Speak up for these helpless babies -be vegan -live for animal liberation. Anything else condemns these infants as well as male chicks to a horrible death.

  2. Christie on March 31, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    I ended up stumbling upon this video when I wasn’t able to sleep last night and ended up sobbing so hard. I just want to hug a baby cow right about now, and I’m thinking of trying to volunteer at an farm sanctuary, even though the nearest one to me is about an hour away (SASHA Farms), it will be worth it to give back to these beautiful animals.
    I am new to veganism, I’ve been vegetarian for a while but the longer I have been vegetarian the more I feel like a hypocrite because the dairy industry is just as bad as the meat industry. I do however feel like being vegetarian was the stepping stone into veganism. Anyway, I digress, basically I love your videos and they have definitely helped me out a ton in my transition to a fully cruelty-free life style.

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