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Why Vegan: Vegan Lifestyle

the vegan lifestyle: not about the food….

vegan lifestyle

a vegan lifestyle is about way more than what you eat.  the principles of veganism branch out into social, environmental, ethical and moral grounds.  now that’s not to say that a vegan lifestyle isn’t about your food!

okay, it's a little about the food…

vegan food is delicious, varied, abundant, affordable and, at times, epic.  there’s a saying that “anything you can make i can make vegan.  and it’s true!  today there are vegan alternatives to everything. so you don’t have to feel you’re “missing out”- in fact, going vegan usually expands your culinary experience as you get to try new and exciting dishes.

veganism is for everyone!

the most important thing about a vegan lifestyle (to me) is that it’s for anyone and everyone!  there is an air of exclusivity at times around veganism and this is an unfortunate byproduct of a holier-than-thou minority of vegans.  in reality, veganism fits into every  lifestyle.  you don’t have to change who you are- just what you eat (and, as we talked about above- even that doesn’t have to change that much!)  so don’t let the few vegan assholes out there dissuade you- veganism welcomes all kinds.  there are enough animals to not kill, and enough cruelty to not inflict for all of us!

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