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Grow Your Own Organics & Take Back Your Food!

It’s no secret that fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are ideal for our physical health. But depending on where you live and what your circumstances are, getting access to quality produce can be challenging.  Our food system is broken in more ways than one. We have a long and hard battle to fight not only…

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The Dangers of Vegan Health Claims | Matt Ruscigno Returns

Are you run down? Uninspired? Overweight? Loosing your hair? Not smelling too fresh? Malnourished? Overnourished? Too fat? Too thin? Too old? Too slow? Has your head come off? Well worry no more! Because now, for a limited time, when you go vegan you’ll be better, faster, stronger, thinner, younger, more attractive than every before, and…

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Vegan Guide to Trick-Or-Treating & Halloween Candy

Halloween is a time for telling scary stories with the lights off, for braving haunted houses and coming up with the greatest costume concept ever created. But nothing says Halloween quite like trick-or-treating. Of course, when you’re vegan, the treat often ends up being the trick, what with the multitude of potentially suspect ingredients in…

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False Vegan Health Claims & Simplifying Nutrition | Matt Ruscigno

I’m the first person who will tell you that going vegan is an astronomically beneficial decision for the planet, other humans, certainly the animals, and your health…sometimes. There are so many ways to eat vegan that in reality it doesn’t always equate to glowing health. Still, vegans abound who have seen profound improvement in their…

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Vegan Food For the Homeless | Brown Paper Bag Movement

Something that I’m very passionate about is individual and small group grassroots activism. Each of us as has the power, on our own or in joining together, to take action right now. I’m honored to have the opportunity to highlight such inspiring activists like Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save and today, the Brown Paper…

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