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Posts tagged: vegan athlete series

From Cancer Scare to Vegan Fitness Model At 40+!

When someone has a health scare, like a possible cancer diagnoses, it usually results in a vow to change habits, eat healthier, start exercising, and more. However, few follow through…

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The Ultimate Vegan Muscle Gainer Shake | Bodybuilder Derek Tresize

Strength and physique athletes and in particular, bodybuilders, tend to think that it’s impossible to build serious mass while eating vegan. Well, today my massive guest shares his epic whole-food…

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Body Image And The Darker Side of Bodybuilding |Bikini Pro Samantha Shorkey

It’s pretty obvious that bodybuilding and all its iterations, like bikini competing, fitness modeling, physique, figure, and the like, are all about how you look. And something that’s surprisingly rarely…

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Guide to Killer Vegan Abs: Take the 30 Day Challenge | Meat Free Athlete

In the quest for fitness and, let’s be honest, the quest for looking good, one of the areas we tend to focus on much is our abs. Most people agree…

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EPIC Natural Vegan Gains | Pro Bodybuilder Torre Washington

One of the most common comebacks when a strength athlete is revealed to be vegan is, “well they must have gotten their gains before going vegan and just maintained while…

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