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Posts tagged: vegan athlete series

How to Eat Vegan for Endurance | No Meat Athlete

When training for or competing in endurance sports, what you eat often matters more then how you train. Matt Frazier is the founder of the virally popular blog No Meat Athlete,…

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What A Vegan Ultra Athlete & Registered Dietitian Eats In A Day | Matt Ruscigno

We vegans tend to talk about food and nutrition a lot, whether by our own interest or in answering the frequent questions we receive about where we get x, y,…

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Vegan Gains Worst of the Fitness Industry Interview

we all knew this day would come… (Well, at least I knew…and those of you who follow me on social media.) This series is all about vegan athletes and he’s…

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From MeatHead to Meat-Free Vegan Bodybuilder | Derek Tresize

As a vegan, it’s easy to look at that beefy beef dude in the gym who pounds down the whey protein, crams in as much meat as physically possible and…

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The Makings of A Vegan Bikini Pro Competitor | Samantha Shorkey

Some people go vegan to get a killer bikini body. Others go vegan for ethical reasons and then get a killer bikini body and use it to promote veganism by…

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