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Posts tagged: environment

How KIDS Can Save the World!!! [For Kids!]

Hi there! If you’re a kid, then you have the power to save the world!!!  [I guess I should explain that a little.]  Today we’re going to talk about how…

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Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!!

Most people care about the environment…at least enough to say they do on a study, and at least Millinneals at that. And most people have faith that the top environmental…

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5 Reasons We Don’t Eat Meat [For Kids!]

If you’re a kid and you love animals, then this post is for you! And really anyone who loves animals, including animals! (although i don’t know if they have Internet.)  I’m so…

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Vegan Winter Food Haul [On My Bike!] + Why I Don’t Talk About What I Eat

I’ve had some requests to do a food haul so I figured…why not?   I try my best to make content that I believe is engaging and important on an ethical,…

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Is Birth Control Vegan?

Believe it or not, most forms of birth control are not vegan.  That’s right: there are animal bits all up in your naughty bits.  A while back I did a…

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