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Posts tagged: environment

Do Vegans Kill More Animals Than Meat-Eaters?

Veganism is all about causing the least amount of harm possible.  But according to a recent article, due to the process of harvesting crops, vegan and vegetarian diets actually carry…

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Boy holding a green apple in one hand and a burger in the other hand, signifying the choice of eating animals.

Is Eating Animals A Personal Choice?

There is very little that will ever get someone as upset and defensive as when you tell them what to eat. many conversations about veganism find their way to this…

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What Would Happen to The Animals If The World Went Vegan Tomorrow?

This question has been asked many a time to many a vegan.  It usually comes in one of two forms: 1) What would happen to all the food animals? and…

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Is Honey Vegan? Healthy? Humane?

People often ask if honey is considered vegan.  The short answer? No.

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Is A Vegan Diet Too EXTREME!?

If there’s one reaction to a vegan diet that i find most interesting, it’s the assertion that veganism is extreme. I want to take a moment to look at what dietary…

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