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Posts tagged: farmed-animal-sanctuaries

Alive By Accident A Documentary in Two Parts Part One Impossible rescue

Alive By Accident | A Documentary In Two Parts (Part One – Impossible Rescue)

It all started with survivors…..on my first visit to Iowa Farm Sanctuary, our state’s first and only vegan sanctuary for farmed animals who have either been liberated or escaped their fate in our food industry.

Not long after I arrived, IFS co-founder Shawn received a call from her husband. A semi truck carrying cows to slaughter had flipped on a highway about 45 minutes away.

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The Viral Ad Campaign Run By Animals

There’s no shortage of animals in advertising, with many-specied mascots hawking all manner of products, up to and including their own flesh and secretions. Catering perfectly to the inherent dichotomy…

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Hey President! Here’s How You REALLY Pardon A Turkey

Every year, the President of the United States pardons two turkeys from being slaughtered for Thanksgiving.[1] But what most people don’t realize about this supposedly lighthearted tradition is that the…

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60 Second Shot of Hope

I’ve seen a lot happen in 60 seconds. Been outside buildings where minutes are measured by body count. Watched trucks carrying 10,000 to their death pass by within seconds. I’ve…

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The Cow Who Changed Texas Forever | Rowdy Girl

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Well that’s certainly true when it comes to cows. With a bovine population of 11.7 million, almost two times greater than the runner-up state…

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