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Posts tagged: gary yourofsky interview

Is Going Vegan for Health Enough? | Gary Yourofsky

There are honestly countless reasons to go vegan: ethics and morality, environmental impact, societal impact, specifically world hunger, and personal health and appearance, to name a few.  Yet not everyone…

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Can Doctors Be Trusted for Nutritional Guidance? | Gary Yourofsky

With all of the information out there about the deleterious effects of animal products, you have to wonder–why are doctors, nutritionists, and other professionals still recommending their consumption?  It seems more and…

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What Kind of Vegan is Gary Yourofsky + His Favorite Food, Fruits, & Restaurants

If there’s one thing that’s clear about activist Gary Yourofsky, it’s that he’s vegan.  But what kind of vegan is he exactly?  There seems to be an ever-expanding number of…

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Are Oysters Vegan? | Gary Yourofsky & The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Ever heard of an ostrovegan?  And no, it’s not a vegan ostrich–it’s a vegan who consumes bivalves like musses and oysters.  There is much debate as to whether this an…

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Is 100% Vegan Possible? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

If you are alive, you will cause other beings harm–even death.  This inevitable fact is often used against vegans as proof that the core of veganism is hypocritical and flawed. …

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