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Posts tagged: gary yourofsky interview

The Hard Truth: Why Be Vegan? | Gary Yourofsky’s Conversion Story

Sometimes the most powerful testament to a vegan lifestyle is hearing the conversion story of a formerly resistant non-vegan.  Most of us vegans started out eating meat, dairy, eggs, and honey…

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Dealing With Non-Vegan Friends and Family | Gary Yourofsky Interview

One of the most challenging aspects of adopting a vegan lifestyle is dealing with the reactions of friends and family.  This can be particularly difficult for brand new vegans attempting…

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Do Vegans Kill Bugs? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

Where does one draw the line when it comes to respecting the lives of other beings?  As a vegan, I’m often asked “how far” I take the tenants of not…

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Is Soy Feminizing? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

There’s a lot of controversy health-wise around the consumption of soy, especially about the production of estrogen.  With it being such a strong alternative to meat and other animal products,…

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Gary Yourofsky: Banned International Terrorist

What do you think you would have to do to be labeled an international terrorist?  What would it take?  Assassinations?  Bombings? How about freeing animals?  How about giving living beings…

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