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Posts tagged: Gary Yourofsky

“I Will Not Stand By” A POWERFUL Slam Poem 19 Years in the Making

gary yourofsky is no stranger to powerful words.  but in today’s video post you will hear him in a way you never have before in all of his talks and…

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Brian May of Queen Promotes Vegan Message in TV Ad!

If you watch my channel, you are certainly familiar with Gary Yourofsky, and if you’re human and alive, you should be aware of Brian May, legendary guitarist and songwriter with…

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Gary Yourofsky Is On Social Media! (Finally!)

Many people impersonated him.  Thousands of false profiles have been made.  He said he’d never do it himself, but it finally happened.  Gary Yourofksy is on social media.

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Are Humans Better Than Animals? | Gary Yourofsky

We humans are the most evolved species.  We are far more intelligent than any other animal. We’ve created technology, the arts, the Internet, written language, mathematics, memes, reality TV like…

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Does Violence Have a Place in Animal Liberation? | Gary Yourofsky

Is violence ever truly necessary?  Does it have a place within the vegan animal rights movement?  vegan activist Gary Yourofsky thinks so and thus is a very controversial figure within…

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