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Posts tagged: my most important videos

Never Known Hunger | Draw My Life

This is a story of fullness and hunger. Of too much and too little all at once. What follows is a straight transcription of the spoken narrative of this video.…

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Do Animals WANT to Be Eaten? | Suicide Food

Do animals WANT to be eaten? The question seems ridiculous at face value. I mean even the most staunch meat eater wouldn’t assume such an absurdity, right? Well, when it…

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told | Slam Poem

This is the greatest lie ever told. The greatest trick ever pulled. And it’s not by the devil. You’ll soon see what I mean. Listen closely. Unlearning isn’t easy.

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My Final Breakdown | Draw My Life

What follows is a straight transcription of the story told in this video. Please watch for the full effect and find additional information including undercover footage in the afterward.

Watch & Read More Foie Gras: Expectation Vs Reality

Would a worldwide, well-known supplier like Amazon knowingly sell a product of animal cruelty? Are the animals we eat really treated as well as the industry portrays? Find out in…

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