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Posts tagged: pets

A Year Without You

I can’t believe it’s been a year. Sometimes I still think I hear you. I feel like I was holding you just yesterday. People said it would get better, that…

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Legal Discrimination Against Pet Owners?

Pet policies — including pet deposits, fees, and additional pet rent, along with weight, breed, and number of animals restrictions — are pretty standard for rental properties. Most renters with…

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If You’ve Ever Lost A Pet You HAVE To Watch This!

Loosing a pet is devastating and most people, myself included, view their pets as a part of their family. And while they may never speak to us in plain language,…

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Life Without You The Story of Ooby The Bulldog

Life With(out) You | The Story of Ooby The Bulldog

To understand why life without you is so impossible, you first have to understand how life was with you. And other people should hear it too. Because you, my dear,…

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The Hardest Video I’ve Ever Had To Make: Important Announcement

This is a really hard video for me to make.

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