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Posts tagged: vegan black metal chef

Veganism Is Metal As F@#$! | Interview With the Vegan Black Metal Chef

You may think being vegan is the right thing to do, that it’s compassionate and responsible, good for the environment, the planet, your own health and, of course the animals. …

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Are Oysters Vegan? | Gary Yourofsky & The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Ever heard of an ostrovegan?  And no, it’s not a vegan ostrich–it’s a vegan who consumes bivalves like musses and oysters.  There is much debate as to whether this an…

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What Vegans Eat In A Day ft. Gary Yourofsky & Vegan Black Metal Chef

Ever wonder what vegans eat in a day?  This past Monday evening, I spent time with my friend and mentor, vegan activist Gary Yourofsky and the one and only Vegan…

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