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Going Vegan Fixes Everything & Makes Life Perfect!

Hey there, you! Have you ever though about going vegan, but want to know what kinds of changes you can expect? Great! Cause I’m here to show you some of the incredible lifestyle changes that are guaranteed when you go vegan! Let’s get started.

[Note: this video is acted out in large part, so there may be portions of the transcript below that don't translate terribly well without the full visual, so be sure to check out the video!]

Let’s take a look at how going vegan can revolutionize your life. Who hasn’t been stuck on hold before? But when you go vegan, you’re stuck on hold…AND VEGAN!

Do you always forget things when you’re already running late? When you go vegan, you…may still be forgetful…but vegan!

Tired of sitting in waiting rooms and running mind-numbing errands? When you go vegan, you’ll be a vegan sitting in a waiting room and running vegan mind-numbing errands while vegan!

Keep getting mounds of junk mail? Get mounds of junk mail as a vegan!

Have a messy apartment? Make it a vegan mess!

Have a hard time organizing important papers and horrible luck with technology? Experience that very same hell without the hell of animal bits working their way through your digestive tract!

Loads of laundry to do? Get them done and be vegan!

Hate doing dishes? Hate them as a vegan!

Garbage day? Vegan garbage!

Hard time staying focused? Be a total inefficient mess…and vegan!

Okay, so going vegan doesn’t necessarily result in revolutionizing your life. After all, it’s not about changing who you are, just what you do in relation to other animals. Sure, for some people with severe health issues, going vegan literally saved their lives. And many others experience a powerful, life-changing shift in how they view and treat non-human animals and the world we live in. Nonetheless, the actual act of going vegan, in and of itself, may not make that significant of an impact on your day-to-day life

But for them [the animals], it’s hard to think of an action more significant. Because regardless of how earth-shattering or underwhelming your decision may seem to you, for them, it’s literally a matter of life and death, of safety and violation, of love and heartbreak.

And for our own future on this planet, it’s a matter of survival and destruction.

It may not seem like much when you’re caught in the minutia, but the seemingly mundane, day-to-day choices you make throughout your life have an effect far beyond yourself.

And that is what makes veganism so incredible—that every one of us can create such profound change with something as simple and superficially benign as what we’re having for breakfast.

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Now go live vegan, as a vegan! and I’ll see you soon.

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