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Non-Vegans Try Vegan Food | Vegan Cuts Unboxing!

I got a Vegan Cuts snack box in the mail to review but I feel like being a vegan doing a review for vegan snacks from a vegan company on a vegan YouTube channel feels…kind of incestuous.  So I decided to bring in some non-biased, non-vegan taste testers to try out the snacks!

Click any of these images to explore your own Vegan Cuts scores! Be sure to watch the video to hear what they thought.

Vegan Cuts
get your own vegan snack box
full of tasty treats
Vegan Cuts
or try a beauty box
Vegan Cuts
Or just shop their marketplace
for all kinds of products!


Hope you enjoyed the review!  Now go get your snackin' on!  (Just keep it vegan!)

See ya next nugget!







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