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What Vegans Eat In The Desert | Tucson VegFest

One of the more baffling questions that every vegan receives at one time or another is something along the lines of, “So….what if you were stuck on a on a desert island with a pig….”– or some variation of desolate isolation with the only source of food presumably being an animal. Well, even though it's not exactly an island, join me at the first ever VegFest in Tucson, Arizona, where I was invited to speak and see what vegans eat in the desert!

I had the honor of delivering a brand-new speech entitle “The Extremism of Veganism,” which I hope to have up on the channel sometime in the coming weeks!

In this video I show you all of the delicious vegan food and introduce you to some of my fellow-speakers including:

  • The incredible Haile Thomas of The Happy, who I've had the pleasure of featuring on my channel in her own video and as part of hte vegan kids interview series!
  • Documentary filmmaker Mark Devries, the creator of Speciesism The Movie, a compelling look into factory farming and our collective predjudice against non-human animals

So come along with me and also meet some awesome VEGAN KIDS! Thank you to everyone who came to the festival and to the dedicated organizers and volunteers, especially the INCREDIBLE Celeste (my gracious “helper” and genuinely generous individual) and Dominique for driving me to the Co-Op for some tastiness!

Want to come see me at my next talk? Check out all upcoming speeches on the About Page!

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  1. louise on April 27, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Super,here’s in Quebec,govt health dept put posters one has the question ” do I have right to do vegan while I’m healing”. ,so our rights soon gone,as we seen a burden on society. Money talks

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