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Do You Speak Vegan? Translation Help Needed!

Making the vegan message accessible to everyone in the world is a dream of mine and, I’d venture to assume, most vegans. (Except, of course, those who got into it for a nice butt…) Living with compassion is not limited to any particular culture, country, creed or language. However, access to vegan education can be limited by circumstances and language barriers. So lets tear down as many as we can, shall we? [tweet this]

I always emphasize that veganism is open to all. There is no application to fill out or inspection to pass, unless you count the vegan police or the Vegan Club bouncer.

In reality, the more welcoming and accessible we can make veganism the better. And YouTube has created a new and exciting way to spread the vegan message, though I highly doubt that was their motivation.

You’ve long been able to add translated captions to my videos through a non-profit website called, which is how many of my videos already have multiple language captions. And you can still add through Amara. But YouTube now has its own caption translation functionality.

The really exciting part of this, though, is that I can now add translated video titles and descriptions that will show up in the respective countries. Up until now, a Spanish speaker may not have known that my video had Spanish captions. But if I can add the title and description in Spanish, it will come up for them in their search.

So, as I’m not an astoundingly gifted language-savvy savant, I need your help. I already have a group of volunteers helping and need many more. Any language added to any video makes the message just that much more accessible.

To make all of this as organized as possible, I’ve created a Google document housing tutorial videos and instructions. It’s all laid out and you can access it at this link up here or in the video description. I’d be honored to have your help. I’ll also be working to streamline the document and how we all communicate as much as I can so it will most likely adapt over time.

All languages are welcome and needed, but a quick note to my German peeps:

Deutschland ist das Nummer einz Fremdsprachen-Land mit den meisten Besuchern auf meinem Kanal. Wenn also jemand von meinen deutschen Kumpeln da draussen Überschriften oder Titel und Beschreibungen dazufügen könnte wäre das spitze. Es gibt schon eine Menge von deutschen Videos auf meinem Kanal mit deutschen Untertiteln. Wenn ihr also nur Zeit für Überschriften und Beschreibungen habt, das wird sehr gebraucht.

Translation: Germany is the number one foreign-language country by viewership for my channel, so any of my German peeps out there who can add either captions or titles and descriptions that would be awesome. There are already a number of videos on my channel with a German subtitles, so even if you only have time to do titles and descriptions that is very much needed. Thanks for being German-speaking the most awesome language ever.

Germany is joined by Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Chile, India, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, South Africa, Norway, the Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Slovenia, and on and on and on. And of course there are English-speaking countries in there, but they’ve already got captions. So any and all languages are needed because even if there is one person that translation reaches, it’s a victory. I take pains to have accurate captions on my video for deaf viewers, non-native English speakers, and now for accurate translations.

So join me in brining the vegan message to an international level. [tweet this] If you have any questions, I tell you how to reach me in the tutorials on the document. I’d love to have you on the Bite Size Vegan Translation Team! And thank you to everyone who is already working so hard on this mission.

If you like this concept, please give the video a thumbs up and share it around with anyone you know who may be interested in helping. And be sure to check out the document if you can help. If you want to support the educational mission of Bite Size Vegan but don’t have any language skills, much like myself, outside of some limited German, join us in the Nugget Army on Patreon or see the support page. Now go live vegan, and then I say that in 40 languages, which would be SO cool, but not going to happen, and I’ll see you soon!

ps- I was going to try and use Google translate to either open or close the video with one phrase said in a bunch of languages. But my experience with Google translate in the past led me to worry that I’d end up saying something highly offensive. Like when Americans get Chinese or Japanese characters tattooed on themselves only to find out it mean something completely different. And usually ridiculous.

Resources & Featured Video:
The Google Doc for the Translation Team
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  1. Jessica Ida on December 19, 2015 at 2:55 am

    I wish I could help out with the French, since it is my main language…but I am no good at video work….lol

    If you do want someone to type what you say in French, let me know, I would be glad to help out!

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