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I’m going to be very open and transparent with you today and if you know me, you know that I’m a no BS kind of girl.  When I first started Bite Size Vegan, I didn’t know if anyone was going to see my videos, but I wanted to at least try to make some difference for the animals.  Since the day I sat on my floor in front of my computer and recorded that first video, Bite Size Vegan has grown to become an ever-expanding free educational resource reaching thousands of people with the message of veganism.  I have a file on my computer filled with messages of people who have gone vegan because of Bite Size Vegan and existing vegans who have used them to find the confidence to speak up about veganism and take action for the animals.  I cannot put into words how much these messages mean to me and I want to continue this work: reach more people, save more animals, and change more lives.  But I need your help.

Bite Size Vegan is a minority among YouTube channels as I focus primarily on the ethical aspects of veganism and speaking to non-vegans.  I’ve tackled many hard-hitting and controversial topics on my channel, like whether eating animals is a choice, the “free-range” and “humane” mythanimal testing, the ethics of horse ridingwoolhoney, the criminalization of activism and more, and always with my focus on speaking the truth for the animals.  Because this message is so important and also so quickly and easily rejected, it's vital that I present well-researched and documented information, which of course takes ample time and effort to produce.

A 5 minute vegan nugget video can take anywhere from 9.5 to 25 hours or more to produce, with the in-depth educational nuggets always topping out at over 25 hours.  Currently, the time commitment necessary to keep Bite Size Vegan running is an average of 70-90 hours a week: and it’s a one-woman operation!  Well, there is Ooby, but just between you and me, she doesn’t pull her weight.

Now just a quick note:  my videos are and always will remain free. No one should be kept from hearing the vegan message.  I’m an activist first and foremost and I place the message above everything in my life.  Unfortunately, the practical and monetary aspects of life aren’t always so principled.  In order to continue Bite Size Vegan at the quality and pace that you’re used to, I do need your help. If I may be so bold as to invoke the words of my friend and mentor Gary Yourofsky:

“Stop giving your money to millionaires! PETA: 25 million dollars a year comes in every year–stop writing them a $20 check. HSUS brings in $118 million a year–not even animal rights, by the way, so definitely stop giving them money, but why would you give money to a millionaire? Give it to the broke people, the broke activists.”

(Broke activist right here) ;)   Now you can always give a one-time donations to Bite Size Vegan, but I wanted to find a way to keep Bite Size Vegan alive and give back to those who make it possible.  This is why I’ve created a Patreon page.  If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, just think of it as an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, but instead of giving a lot at once for one project, you give a little over time to support content that you find valuable.

In return for your support you get cool perks that vary with your pledge level, like access to my Patreon feed where I interact directly with my patrons.  This is the best place to get ahold of me, ask me questions, and see the inner-workings of Bite Size Vegan.  You also get early access to my videos before they even go public.  Plus other perks like monthly online hangouts with me, discounts of my services and upcoming products, a personalized thank-you videos and more.

You can choose your level of support, starting at as little as $1 a month: that’s just 3 cents a day and just 8 cents a nugget!   If you have found my videos to be valuable and effective, please help them continue. this mission is not one that I can do alone, as much as I stubbornly try to.

I truly believe that education is where the vegan movement is going to gain the most ground. By changing minds, we save lives.  With your help, I can continue veganizing via video and effectively advocating for the animals.

And if you're not in a place to support Bite Size Vegan financially, it's more than okay!  It’s kind of where i’m at right now.  There are so many other ways to help out-like subscribing to the channel, sharing the Bite Size Vegan videos and website, connecting with me on FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+ and Tumblr, suggesting Bite Size Vegan to podcasts, websites, magazines for potential coverage, shopping through any of the links on the shop page, and anything else creative you can think of!

Whatever you do to support Bite Size Vegan, I am so very grateful! I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you–without you, I’m just a vegan in front of a camera in her closet–but together we can change the world.  I will keep doing my very best to be an effective voice for the animals and forever keep my focus on their plight.  So join me in the Nugget Army for the fight for what's right.  Much love to you and all my thanks!

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