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Bite Size Testimonials

When I started Bite Size Vegan I didn’t know if anyone was going to see my videos, but I wanted to at least try to make some difference for the animals.  Since the day I sat on my floor in front of my computer and recorded that first video, Bite Size Vegan has grown so much!  I now have a file full of messages from people influenced by BSV's videos.  I cannot express how much these mean to me- the message is getting out and being heard.

Below is some of the feedback I've received.  For those shared publicly, I've included full names. those sent in private messages are by initials.

Has Bite Size Vegan had an impact on you?  I'd love to hear about it!  if you believe BSV is making a difference, please consider supporting the mission.

Saving Animals
Read Feedback From Non-Vegans & New Vegans


My sister told me she showed one of your videos for kids to my little nephew (3 years old) and it worked! His dad was telling him to eat meat and he was shouting “NO!” his grandma was trying to force him to eat meat and he was saying “I don't want to eat animals!” Your influence on the world is bigger than you will ever know Emily, you're amazing. <3

-Kristen Leo, via YouTube

Emily just want to thank you for finally giving me the push i needed to go vegan, i'd been on the edge of it for a while but the first video of yours i watched made me say no to anymore dairy or eggs!! (already was vegetarian) And i'm loving every second of my new lifestyle, so thank you so much!!!

-Ariel Griffiths, via YouTube

Dear Emily,

i wanted to show my appreciation because your youtube channel has helped me realize the true extent of my blindness as an animal lover but (former) non-vegan…sometime a month ago, while i was struggling with serious depression i had a very difficult time eating, which rarely ever happens to me as i have a very big appetite. we were sitting at dinner when i was visiting my family, and mom had made a filet (of viel [sic], of all things), as i bit into the meat i suddenly felt revolted by it, something about the texture and bloodyness [sic] of it spoke to me…somehow the idea that i was truly biting into another being's flesh had not sunk in so dramatically before…since then i have stopped eating meat altogether, i cannot stand it anymore, even the sight of it…i recently stumbled upon your videos! as i watched i got to the video of toronto pig rescue giving water to the pigs going to slaughter…and i absolutely lost it. i broke down crying and i thought i would never stop. at that point i decided to go vegan, it was the only thing that made sense. thanks to you and your calmness in explaining the topic and the way you don’t talk down to anyone… i am absolutely determined to stay on this path, or i wont be able to look at our cat and dog in the eyes again!

-E from Italy <3, via email


Hi,your videos made me push that last button to make me vegetarian,soon to be vegan. I watched as much I as I can(since I heard about veganism/vegetarianism I wanted to be that,I never wanted to eat my friends,never,my family pushed me),and it made me cry, every time,breaking my heart,while still eating my friends. Until one day,that one video,I just lost it. I went crazy and promised myself never to eat meat ever again,no matter will I starve or not,no matter for my family. Thank you,for pushing me to do some action,no matter the excuses.

I love you so much! You literally made me vegan! I thank you for everything, you are an angel

You inspire awe. I went vegan in July of 2015. It was Youtube activism like yours that undid the lifetime of brainwashing allowing me to live in such cognitive dissonance. A few months later, my boyfriend went vegan after hearing me clamber on about how great it was making me feel. Sometime in the winter I found your channel and have been a subscriber ever since. You have deepened my connection with vegan ethics and opened my eyes to facets of veganism I did not even know existed. You've made me cry! You've made me cheer and yell in indignation. And most importantly you've slowly built my confidence to find my own vegan activist voice. For that, I can't thank you enough! Becoming your patron is the least I can do for you, for the animals and anyone who may listen to your message and better their quality of life because of it.

-TheDutzie4ever, via YouTube

I don't really know what to say except thank you for what you do. There are so many vegan activists out there and while I am grateful for each and every one of them, there's something about what you do that's so profound and it really speaks to me. I'm almost embarrassed by the fact that when I first came upon one of your videos I had you pegged as “one of them crazy vegans” and now…well I've become a crazy vegan myself and I've never been happier. Your videos and calm confident knowledge both educate and reassure me and keep me focused on the important issues. Your obvious dedication and compassion is so plain to see. It's just inspiring.

-Elcin Kurtulus, via Patreon

Testimonial Image 10

Emily I just wanted to tell you how much of a role model you have been. I went vegetarian 2 years ago and never thought about being vegan until I watched your videos. I went vegan right then and there—I had pizza before and immediately threw it up lol. But I have been vegan for a year and near free for 2 years ! I am12 years old and I love you so much your videos are so awesome! you are so hard working!

-Kurt Cobain, via YouTube

I have been 100% vegan for a week now and can honestly say I'll never go back . Although pork wasn't consumed in my home , seafood, chicken & beef were eaten . I feel so much better on all aspects & Refuse to be part of suffering! Don't give're reaching more of us than you think.

Thanks to you I have been vegetarian for almost a year & vegan for almost 4 months. Nothing has ever changed my life more than this, thank you

Emily's videos helped me so much when trying to educate my family on why they should eat vegan, she has all the facts and presents them in a non judgmental [sic] way, you can see on her channel how committed she is to this! <3 She's the only vegan youtuber/activist that people I know don't dislike and actually follow her advice.

-Kristen Leo, via YouTube

You have helped me so much in my journey. I love your videos. Earthlings definitely helped catapult me to veganism. It has changed my life completely. Thank you, Emily. For all you do!!

-Halannah Hartman, via YouTube

This was the video that pushed me over the edge of not eating eggs. I was on the fence but this is what I needed. Never eating eggs again.

This speech turned me vegan ^_^ this needs to be seen!! Words are powerful. Great job on the speech again.

-Korri.Pre, via YouTube

This speech is what made me finally decide to go vegan almost a month ago. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

-Alexis Selzler, via YouTube

Thank you for this Emily. Keep doing what you're doing and know that your actions have inspired me to go vegan and take a lead as well. Stay awesome!

-Koghulan Jey, via YouTube

Thank you for always doing the hard end of this movement. Always lifting their struggles with your words and activism. Thank you for teaching me so much and changing my life.

-TheWickedRival, via YouTube

Your videos have really inspired me to go vegan and i feel so much better knowing that i'm helping to break the cycle by raising my son vegan and teaching him love and compassion for all beings but i feel a lot more pain now like if i see “meat” i really see a beautiful animal that didn’t have a chance. It’s just so tragic i saw your last day video and as crazy as it sounds in their eyes i could see my son as in an innocent being that has never done any wrong. sorry to rant but it breaks my heart. please keep fighting one day they will all be free. xxx

-Mummymason, via YouTube

Emily, I want to thank you for all of your activism. Your works are the reason I am vegan, and I know your heartfelt approach resonates with many, many others.You are the voice of veganism for me.

-Amelia Hilton, via YouTube

I subscribed with your alternative to eggs video. You literally helped me transition to veganism from vegetarianism. You're doing a great job exposing the truth about meat.

-Saint Barbie, via YouTube

I'm with you! I'm a new vegan and your work is incredible. you opened my eyes to shocking practice within the meat and dairy industry with your original video. [referring to The Extremism of Veganism, subsequently censored by YouTube] as soon as get my notification that you have posted the video tomorrow I will watch it. keep up the good work.

-Dave Mason, via YouTube

I just wanted to say that your Vegan Extremism video helped me to go vegan. Thank you.

-Viki V., via YouTube

If not for you I would never have become vegan so thanks :)

-Meshech Burgin, via YouTube

I never comment on YouTube but your speech was incredible and I HAD to say so. Keep up the good work and just know that you do reach people everyday. Your videos (along with some research) helped me to finally make that switch to veganism.

-Samara Hill, via YouTube

Dear Emily, I went vegan about a month ago and just wanted to say, you and Gary played (and still are playing) a huuuge part in all of this…thank you so much for spreading the message in such a kind, open and calm way, while still being so informative and avoiding any sugar coating. I think, the vegans and non-vegans of this world really need you – because you speak to all of us, how everyone wants to be spoken to – with respect and compassion. Thank you forever, Emily!

-Natalia Nawrocki, via YouTube

You are truly an inspiration! The videos you've created influenced me on my way to become vegan back then. Thank you for all the effort and spreading education! Having the power to convince a person to WAKE UP and realize their own hypocrisy by uploading videos should make you so proud of yourself, Emily! Just imagine… You made a person living in on the other side of our planet become a vegan! You're doing the right thing. Never give up! I'm sending you nothing but support and love.

-Jo Ann Riggs, via YouTube

I love you Emily! You changed my life! I've told everyone that is even the slightest bit curious about living vegan about your channel and 3 people in my job are already making the switch! Your message does spread far and wide! I appreciate every video you make so much! Thank you! XOXOXO

-Janet Pelua, via YouTube

Your channel is so informative and educational. It’s great for reference, I honestly didn’t understand the ethical issues of dairy prior to finding your channel. I was vegetarian for just over a year and now I’m at that stage where I don’t know whether I am right in saying that I am completely vegan.
I really liked your vegan police video on that topic. cutting out the main animal products is easy, but I’m still learning about derivatives, and cosmetics. I think veganism is something I will always be working towards, and I mean that in a positive sense. I look forward to your next videos.

-Drowssap, via YouTube

Emily, I want to say thank you for EVERYTHING you are doing as an activist for animals!! I watched your speech from Portugal… excellent. I know people left that day forever changed. Please continue to incredible work!! I also wish to express how awesome your kid videos are. I watched all 3 tonight to check them out before my 7 year old vegetarian son watches them. He is very sensitive to the pain and suffering of animals, so more candid videos can be pretty painful for him. I am so eager to have him watch yours! You brought the perfect balance of fact and age-appropriateness for a child. And, I am all about loving how you use humor! :D I am subscribed, following, liking, you name it, Sister! Veganism is brand new to me, and it is with joy that I am changing how I live! I'm working on deconditioning 38 years of thinking and eating here! Right on!! Xo

-Kirsty, via

These videos made me go vegan. I just can't take thinking of these poor animals being killed for stupid reasons.

-Alisha Verma, via YouTube

Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me the truth. I became vegan on the 20th April 2016 because of your videos. So I would like you to proudly add me to the list of people you helped influence to become vegan and save more animals and all the rest that comes with it. I have always loved cows, as I child I have a picture of my cousin and I cuddling a cow in Dorset in the South West of England, with not a clue of the fear, pain and suffering that was on our plate when I got home the same evening. 20 odd years later I finally see it and that is thanks to you. You are a guardian angel to the animals, I only wish they knew that they had you tirelessly working to protect and save them from harm and how many others you are enlisting to help. Like you I also feel so desperately sad and frustrated that I can't make all this suffering stop, sometimes I wish I could erase the images I have seen of their pain and suffering from my mind because it hurts so much but then I remember that, that will do no good. Thank you so much. Being vegan makes me happy because now I am truly living by my values. Thank you Emily guardian angel may all your dreams come true and God bless you xxxx

-Jennie, via Patreon

I would have never made the switch to veganism if it weren't for you and your videos! I remember having a lovely email conversation with you when I first transitioned: now my one year veganniversary has come and gone and I know that I will never, ever go back. Thank you so much for everything! <3

-Abby S., via Patreon

I know you must get a lot of messages saying that you have helped turn people vegan but you have done something for me that I couldn’t do myself. Your videos got through to my husband. With me, you are (to quote you!) a vegan talking to a vegan about veganism. My better half has always supported my choices but remained resolutely carnist. No matter how many times I showed him what was happening in the meat and dairy industry he shut his eyes. He buried his head in the sand over the egg industry and refused to even entertain conversation about honey. But, you got through to him. I watch YouTube on my TV and I quite literally sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch your veganism through the ages series. He was just leaving the room and I thought I would give it one last go with him. I asked him to watch your “Open Your Eyes” video. Just the one but I wanted him to actually watch it.

He was shell shocked when it was finished. I then put on “My Final Breakdown” and he was more than visibly moved. After that we watched “Europe’s Dark Secret”. Then he had the temerity to shout at me for not telling him about what was going on!! I am 100% sure that the shouting was at himself for ignoring it for so long. He has accepted my veganism and all that comes with it for a very long time but I think he had become complacent. I knew the next video I put on would be the make or break one so I busted out the big guns. Yes, I put *that* speech by your friend Mr Yourofsky on.

When that was finished he just left the room. I heard a LOT of banging going on in the kitchen and then he darted out of the house. He had, as we all like to say, made the connection finally. The animal products were gone. He put them in the bin as he didn’t want anyone else to be consuming the violence and death either.

-F. S., via Email

As I am typing this, I am crying. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for every thing you do. I came across your channel on youtube by reading a random comment from a person (while browsing the comments section) telling people to watch your video on the life of a chicken. I searched for you and when I watched that video, I was literally balling in tears. I ended up binge watching all your other videos and making my husband watch them as well. Before I found your channel, I was non-vegan turned vegetarian only two weeks prior. I immediately turned vegan. My husband turned vegan as well and now my 10 month old baby boy will be vegan. I want to thank you so much for your videos. Your content is amazing and life changing. I cannot get through a video without crying my eyes out. I am disgusted, I feel as if I wasted 32 precious years of my life eating the way I was. Both my husband and I have been spreading your channel and veganism to anyone with an ear. I cannot thank you enough and I appreciate everything you do. You have definitely opened my eyes. The way humans behave literally astonishes me. I hope more and more non-vegans find compassion in this world. I hope this message reaches you. Again, thank you!, thank you!, thank you! so much for changing the lives of my family and I. I will continue to promote your channel and veganism to everyone (even if they look at me nuts; like some do lol).
A vegan for life, Nina

-Nina, via

I'd just like to say a big thank you Bite Size Vegan for all the work you put into this channel. A few weeks ago, I was still eating meat but became interested in vegetarianism – after finding your channel and watching a few of your videos, I decided that the best thing I could do for myself and the good of all animals would be to stop eating ALL animal products, as they're not meant for me to consume! I instantly stopped. I'm now on my 4th week of being vegan and your videos were definitely the turning point for me and still continue to help with with nutrition, health etc. You've made the transition to veganism easy, so thank you

-Aleta Lurline, via YouTube

Emily, I have no idea, if you will read this. But I just wanted you to know, after all your work, your sweat, your tears.. your videos made me turn vegan. Thank you, Emily. You opened my eyes. I wanted you to know that.

-Hinterfragen!, via YouTube

Great video Emily! You and other vegan Youtubers have opened my eyes about meat/dairy consumption and the reality behind it. 3 weeks ago, i became vegetarian and i am now in the process of becoming 100% vegan. You are my principal inspiration and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a very beautiful human being. Thank you for being who you are.

-And Justice For All, via YouTube

This is the most eloquent and probably the most convincing speech about veganism I have ever heard. Sharing it everywhere! YOU are AMAZING Emily!!!!

-sarah hassine, via YouTube

[This comment is referring to The Nicest Way To Die] I just want to say that the last scene had such an incredible impact on me that I decided I just had to become vegan a little over a month ago. As long as stuff like this goes on, I'm siding with the animals.

-Landowar, via YouTube

I just want to thank you so much! I've learned so much from you! I was vegetarian first but vegan for 5 months now and I love it. Being vegan is not hard at all, feeling the best I've ever been.

-linduzka, via YouTube

This perfect truthbomb of a video, [“Everything Wrong With Environmentalism”] along with “Open Your Eyes”, is what made me go vegan. I often have to quote your research. It's humbled me greatly as I was convinced that everything I was doing – the typical short showers, not letting the water run while brushing my teeth, religiously separating recyclable materials from trash, turning devices and lights off, and spending hours in the spring, summer and fall picking up all the littering trash everywhere in the streets and forests and so on – was having this huge impact. Who I was eating along with what came out of their bodies had a much greater impact and I was anything but aware of it, even though I was not comfortable with putting it in my mouth, but was still numbed to the truth of them not being things for us to use. I wish to thank you once again for all of your hard work, it does not go unnoticed.

-Mysticienne, via The Saucy Vegan Forum

Thank you for all your amazing work. You are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to veganism. I love your educational approach which is non forceful but TOTALLY effective!! Lots of love, wishing you all the best x

-Lilie Louise, via YouTube

I watched your videos and became a vegan. You changed my life. Thank you! I just thought I'd take a shot at thanking you, as personally as I can, for being the catalyst in my decision to go vegan, which I made recently after about 5 years of being a vegetarian.

I have been at it for only a few months, but I am more sure of this than I have been of anything else in my life: I will never, ever, ever eat meat, eggs or dairy again as long as I live. I will also stop spending my money on household products, clothes, cosmetics and all other things that I know contain animal products or have been tested on animals. And I will try to be a shining example of a healthy, joyful vegan, every day. Thank you for opening my eyes.
Thank you for being the brave, intelligent and beautiful person that you are.
Thank you!!

– I. P., Cape Town, South Africa, via Email

Hi! I just wanted to say that you are amazing! I have been binge watching your videos for the last 3 days, and you make me want to change! I have been vegan curious for a few months now, but you are the first person who has made it seem approachable. As a mom of three, I will probably have a hard time getting the kids to follow suit, but it is worth it! Thank you for not making me feel like a horrible person! I think a lot of people just honestly have no clue what is actually happening, and some people are not open minded enough to even consider what could be happening or that they can help fix the problem. Anyways, I look forward to more videos from you, and thank you for all of your information and knowledge!

-C, via

Emily, I've been vegan since August 2015 and your videos have definitely helped me to change my habits, and they've given me the knowledge to provide factual arguments against the typical ‘anti-vegan' questions. Your videos have helped me put a few people off of eggs, which is better than nothing! Anyways, you have provided me with so much good information in a wonderful, easy to follow format. I truly cannot thank you enough! Keep doing what you're doing and I fully support and love all the things you do.

-Cierra, -Suzie, via

I just wanted to say I recently found your channel and have fallen in love with it! All of your videos are well researched and very informative, while still enjoyable to watch! I have been a vegetarian for three years and in the past six months have learned a lot more about the dairy industry. Since then my boyfriend and I have adapted a more vegan friendly diet. It is so important to get the vegan message out there. Thank you for showing the love and spreading the word.

-The Icing Artist, via YouTube

I'm not vegan. To be honest, most vegans I've met have only pushed me further away from ever becoming one. I watch all of your videos – even those that are absolutely devastating – and you are slowly undoing all of the “harm” (in the form of bad impressions caused by verbal attacks and so on) other vegans have done to me. You are changing the way I see the world. Thank you for opening my eyes in such a respectful manner.
Ps. I'm deeply sorry for your loss

-RikkeTakera1, via YouTube

A message from my twins from Australia, Ivy & Jules 6 years old: ‘Hello we just watched your video [on 5 Reasons We Don’t Eat Meat.] Thank you for telling us that stuff, we didn't know about some of those things. I feel sad and grumpy because so many animals die. We don't want to eat animals any more because it is mean and bad for the earth and environment and your body.'

-Ivy & Jules on their mom Shilo’s account, via YouTube

Over the passed week I've been watching your videos on YouTube approx 5 a day, I want to say that you are doing a fantastic job and because of you I officially became vegan today! I have watched all the documentaries before and even though I was outraged I still felt somewhat disconnected, however watching your videos made it more real and more like a close friend guiding me towards the right path. Thank you for everything you do.

-Victoria Chappell, via Email

Thank you so much for your videos! It's because of you that i'm now becoming vegan and I feel so much better about myself. I'm not perfect, I've suffered from various eating disorders and I still binge eat today (usually animal products). But since I've come across your channel i'm becoming putting the animals first and not my selfish behaviour – for the first time in years I've started to eat normally and I have you to thank for that xxx

-Louise Jones, via YouTube

I shared this video when I seen it and I bawled my eyes out in my kitchen trying to make my coffee. I ‘was' one of those people that said ‘but bacon, I could never give up bacon.'
It has not been on my plate for months now and this video sealed it for me. Never again will it pass my lips.

-Cat Gephart, via Facebook

After watching the gas chamber video, I am officially going vegan. That is beyond messed up that we could cause that much suffering to another species for financial gain.

-MrLegitMafia, via YouTube

Emily is my hero. She was instrumental in my conversion to veganism (from vegetarianism), and I have been immensely grateful ever since for her brainwashing!

-Erin, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

Emily you are truly an inspiration!! I started a plant based diet for health reasons. But, you have opened my eyes to all the horrors the animals endure, and because of this I will never revert back to my old diet. Thank you for all your hard work! I am looking forward to watching all your videos.

-Kathleen, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

I was so happy to know that Emily would be interviewed for the summit, I went vegan after watching 2 of her videos! :)

-Kim, commenting on my interview at the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

I love you Emily! You're openness and acceptance open a lot of hearts to becoming vegan. You destroy the vegan snobby stereotypes. You are an endless source of information. Knowledge is the first step for most people. You present your information in a such away that it doesn't seem biased. I am proud to be one of your converts and will never look back. I support you 100% of the way.

-Joanna, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

Because of your Open Your Eyes video, I chose to attend a vigil with Toronto Pig Save and have chosen to find my voice as an activist too. I'm just beginning that path but, I am moving forward. I also shared that video with my sister, and that was truly the last straw for her. She has begun her own vegan journey. Thank you so much for all the work you do. You are making a difference in this world.

-Lisa, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

I've been watching your videos for about a year now and I can't express my gratitude to you enough. You have been my mentor (via. YouTube) for not just veganism but compassionate living. I've been vegan this past year and I've been vegetarian for 3 and a half years but of course never made the connection until your videos, which also led me to watch Gary Yourofsky and become hooked on No Meat Athlete (I'm using his half marathon plan now and am running my first one this September!). Thank you for what you are doing, you make veganism loving and approachable, you made me believe I could change and learn the ropes. While I have been vegan since the beginning of the year, I met my first ever vegan face to face last week. It had been a long time alone trying to tell people why I wasn't eating my used to be favourite food -yogurt, but I felt like I was part of a community on social media, and your videos are such a central part of that for me. I will definitely be a regular sponsor, please keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!

-Rhianna, via Email

I am new to the vegan lifestyle, so new that it hasn't even been a month yet, it's only been 9 days (so since Halloween). Prior to making the full change (or awakening), I was what I guess you could call a flexitarian for the past 2 years. I discovered Bite Size Vegan's Youtube channel on Halloween night and watched 2 of her videos (“Everything Wrong with Environmentalism in 11 Minutes or Less” and “Open Your Eyes“) and by watching and listening to her and the footage she'd used, I finally switched from a flexitarian lifestyle to an actual vegan one. It was the push that I needed, and I cannot say how grateful I am.

-Mysticienne, via forum

I've been vegan for 76 days now and your videos were definitely one of the most helpful/persuasive/informational resources I came across that helped me make the switch. You make veganism look so easy… and it is! Thanks for all that you do.

-Tia Lynn, via Facebook

Emily, I've been so impressed with your deeply researched and thoughtful videos on YT. As a vegan who smoked (until I just watched your “is smoking vegan” video) I am ashamed for being so willfully ignorant of the truths behind cigarettes and the tobacco industry and the barbaric animal testing that goes into cigarette “research”. THANK YOU, not just for finally, and instantly, causing me to quit smoking, but also a giant THANK YOU for your tireless work for the animals.

I can believe I ever thought be a vegetarian was kind. Thank you Emily for opening my eyes. I will never go back. I am a vegan for life now for the animals and for the planet.

-gillian jones, via YouTube

You've helped my family immensely!!! Thank you for all you do!

-Cortni Trinity, via Facebook

I am not a vegan but I really love your channel for the past few months I became very interested with the vegan lifestyle I still eat chicken and animal products recently gave pork and beef trying to change is very hard but people like you makes me want to change and give me inspiratio. Thank you very much

-megamanel787, via YouTube

I’m going vegan immediately. I was vegetarian for a week. But, all your videos, Gary, and other prominent vegan websites have given me the courage to leave all animal byproducts behind.
Emily, you are amazing. Your videos are always well researched. Thank you! I will be donating through patreon on my next paycheck.

-JoAnna, via

My partner and i recently became vegan and you have helped us a lot so I wanted to thank you for all the information and especially the way you provide that information. I have seen quite a few other videos of people talking about veganism and making it very uncomfortable at the end feeling like we are horrible people and we just well…have always sucked. But the way you talk about it and inform everyone is great.

-Martin, via Email

Hi Emily!!! You are awesome and what you do is awesome. I'm a 16 yr old new vegan! I've been a vegetarian for over a year and a half now and recently went vegan. Eliminating eggs was easy, but it seems like everything I buy has a hidden milk ingredient! It's frustrating to see whey or casein as an ingredient >:( you've helped me connect more with animals and see other benefits of being vegan. Thank you for everything! Keep doing what you do. ;)

-andrea nuñez, via YouTube

I have watched [other YouTubers] videos for a while and even though it made me think, I couldn't see myself changing my diet. Partly because of cost and partly because I have three children and how would they take it but when I found your videos, I decided to jump into this new world. I haven't changed my children's diet yet but I will slowly work them that way. The reason I didn't make this change sooner was because [other YouTubers] wouldn't give facts. [They] would say look how great I look and that didn't speak to me. [They do] a great job with [their] audience but I have fallen in love with your videos and when I feel weak or need a reality check I watch you and have a laugh and some sense knocked into me. Thank you for being the vegan activist that I needed to see and learn from.

-Kristen Davis, via YouTube

When i first came across your video on horse riding as a meat eater, i was so offended and i thought you were crazy! i just ignored all your facts and logic and dismissed veganism. now, almost two years later, i watched your video again and it's so informative! you're so rational, entertaining and compassionate. i want to thank you for making your Vegan Nuggets. While i, and i'm sure many others, are initially on the defence when shown these facts, the truth sets in eventually. You have done so much for the animals; it's truly admirable.

-Zakiyah, via

I want to thank you for changing my life. After watching “This Speech Will Change How You See Everything,” I made the vow to go vegan. About 1 month ago, I saw a post of yours on facebook. I clicked the link and watched “This Speech Will Change How You See Everything.” And it did. I made a vow and a lifestyle choice to become vegan. And I haven't and will never look back. My current boyfriend is very supportive of me. It feels very rewarding to know that with each conscious bite I take, no animals are harmed. I plan on becoming more active as a vegan advocate. I'm educating myself more day by day. And enjoying cooking for myself again!

-Dr. Lauren Bobick, via Email

You have made me vegan – in only 3 days! I've been vegetarian for 5 years now and since the last 2 years I have been excluding more and more animal products out of my diet. But I never got the resolution to take the final step into veganism – until I stumbled across your youtube videos (and I think on the long run my boyfriend will also join me). They are great! Funny, highly informative, based on facts, very balanced… You seem like a great, great person and I am very happy that I have found you.

-M.G., via Patreon

You don't know me but I was watching your blog on youtube. It inspired me to become vegan. Your [sic] my idol and I'm making changes in my life. I love the animals before but I didn't know how to go about it. Now I have choices and it's better than the real thing! I eat fruit, vegetables, even tofurky roasted turkey! I went to the grocery story and the total ( all vegan food) was much less than meat and all the stuff combined. It's a no brainer really. My fiance also become a vegan. I like your attitude and loving animals. Keep up blogging!
Your fan

-Anna Valedi, via Email

I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into your videos and material. I really appreciate how much research and planning goes into them and how calm and focused you are. When I first discovered your videos I wasn't vegan and your videos are definitely part of why I changed my mind about it. You lay out the facts clearly and while you challenge certain “normal” ideas, I find that you're not abrasive and annoying like some other vegan activists. Your videos are very useful as a resource for information and advice but I also always feel so much more motivated when I watch them. Thank you and keep doing what you do best!!

-E.K, via Email

I just want to say THANK YOU !! I discovered your channel two days ago and I have learned more from your videos than I have in one month of research. It took two weeks of research for me to cut out meat and turn vegetarian, but just after two days of your videos I am more than ready to cut out cheese and eggs. At first I thought I was cutting out meat for my health, then I discovered what it's doing to our planet, but NOW I really feel for the animals. I can't believe I ever thought of myself as a being superior to them. I will be sharing your informative videos to my friends and family who still think humans are at the top of the food chain. Thank you thank you thank you !

-Ana Diaz, via YouTube

Thank you so much for posting here and providing such incredible content on youtube Emily!! Your videos had a massive influence on my decision to finally commit to a vegan lifestyle.
NEWBIE VEGANS, this woman is a godsend! Go subscribe to her YouTube channel ASAP!!

-ssssserranovegan, via Reddit

Dear Emily, I have watched many Vegan documentaries-been reading many books and I can honestly tell you that nothing touched my heart as much as this Video did. I cried-which I did not do with any other documentary. I knew it was atrocious what we do to the animals-and I have been 50% plant based, but always seem to go back to eating meat. Not after today-I will start making myself meal plans-prepare better I can no longer support this, not even a little bit. I have to do this for the right reasons the animals, instead of selfish reasons my health (I believe that’s why I haven't stuck to it up until now) Thank you so much!!!

-dobbypire, via YouTube

I feel like we never say it enough, but thank you Emily for what you do. Your videos have pushed and helped me become a full vegan and in time I hope to open the eyes of others around me too.

-Lady Lexy xox Gaming, via YouTube

You convinced me to being vegan, I have been vegan a week and i feel so much healthier and happier :) i never knew that animals were treated that way and the environmental impacts that eating meat and dairy has. Thank You, I found your videos and went vegan overnight.

-Jacob Garnett, via YouTube

wanted to say thank you for your videos.They absolutely opened my eyes. I have been plant based for 2 yrs. now and totally animal product free for 1yr.this month. Seeing some of the more graphic videos makes me KNOW I don't ever want to eat animals again. If I can't bear to watch it,I shouldn't be eating it!! Thanks Emily!

-Karen Kulik, via YouTube

Hey Emily! Wanted to let you acknowledge a victory. I found this channel a little over a year ago, when I had been a vegetarian for ~ 2 years. I went on a massive video-watching binge, and back in august of last year decided to transition to a vegan diet. I decided to kick all the animal products January 1st of this year and I love this new life style. It's given me the strength and determination to make so many other life changes (ran a half marathon, left relationships, quit a job, started a company) and I just wanted you to know that your videos had the biggest impact in my decision!

-kavinsky909, via YouTube

I just want you to know that before I came across your channel I was totally convinced all vegan activism channels were using their influence to spread hate. Your positivity is refreshing, and has introduced me to a way of life. I am making steps everyday because of you, Thank you.

-brockway babe, via YouTube

Thanks you Emily your videos showing other vegan kids encouraged me to convert my 2 boys into vegans.

-Dina Gonzalez, via YouTube

This is so much more powerful than any other exposé video I've seen before. I cried through the entire thing. I have tried and tried, but never been able to stick to a fully vegan lifestyle before. I feel this might be the final straw. Thank you

-Rachel Garwood, via YouTube

I can't say how much I love your channel!!! But this has touched my heart so much. You have been one of my biggest inspirations in becoming vegan and staying vegan. The minute I want to give up u come up with another video to keep me going! keep being an inspiration!

-Naturally Dae, via YouTube

Emily, Thank you for being the major contributor to my going vegan! I can't tell you how much your work has meant to me. About a year ago I decided to go plant based for health reasons. I felt good about my decision but struggled to make healthy choices, especially around others (I personally do not know anyone who is vegan). I recently found your YouTube channel and was made acutely aware of the horrors of animal agriculture. I really had no clue about the suffering and misery I was contributing to each and every day. It was at that point that it was no longer a “decision” to go plant based/vegan. It was as if a light was suddenly switched on. Emily you helped me to make the connection. Now I wonder how anyone could possibly contribute to the suffering and slaughter of these beautiful innocent beings? The harsh reality of what these animals go through weighs heavily on my mind each and everyday. Sometimes I feel so powerless in a world that just doesn't seem to care. I feel like my going vegan is not enough. I am exploring how I can reach others; activism is on the horizon. Emily, your work gives me hope and this video is such an amazing example of what one person can do.

-Laurie LaFrance, via Facebook

My four year old loves, loves, loves this video. She just watched it 5 times in a row – at the end when you say to thumbs up the video if you like it she gives a double thumbs up to the screen every time.
So great to see the empowerment she gets from watching the video. Currently she is running around the room in a cape saving the world. Thank you.

-Kim, via

THANK YOU for doing what you are doing!!
I found your youtube channel about a month ago. I got a bit tired of some other vegan channels that instead of real content were more and more often just delivering finger pointing and hatred and real low class pointless personal stuff.
I'm so happy to have “met” you that day on youtube.
I love your sense of humour. I think it is truly unique and precious how you manage to deliver value in your nuggets, backed up by long hours of research, all in a fun, honest, intelligent and empathic way.
I think this is very very rare and I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and for being such a wonderful, pure hearted, talented, selfless and brave individual!
Your nuggets give me a lot of motivation and it feels SO good to have a good laugh at your great sense of humor embedded in the videos. and of course, I learn a lot too. I particularly enjoyed that nugget about environmentalism. What I learn from you helps me as well to be less emotional and more factual when talking about people who approach me about my lifestyle. also, when I feel a bit down and lose focus, your videos help me remember why I’m doing this whole vegan thing. :-)
So, Emily, thank you so much for being who you are and sharing it. your Light (not to mention Ooby's radiance ;-) ) ignites many other lights and by doing what you do the goodness and healing will keep on spreading in this world.
with much love and gratitude,

-Dvora from Budapest, Hungary, via Email

Thank you so much for making these videos for kids. It is really helping my 5 year old daughter to understand as a family why we are going vegan. This makes it easier for her to make the connection. You are doing such a great thing!!

-Amy Dow Robinson, via YouTube

You probably don't know, but my change to a plant-based diet is because of your truth about thanksgiving vid. It was the catalyst of what I personally refer to as my time of enlightenment. Gary's statement, after speaking in Israel, is the paramount factor of foundation which keeps me plant-based: oppressed people easily understand the immorality of the exploitation of sentient beings. Thanks Emily

Also, please let me tell you that I adore and love you as a person and the work that you do! You are such a beautiful person with a strong & true message and you deliver it so eloquently, poignant and easy to understand for everyone, every time. You do provide high quality, in-depth researched and excellently delivered videos. Your videos are HIGHLY educational. You are one of my favourite activists, next to Gary Yourofsky and The Friendly Activist. Thank you for speaking out lout how I feel, thank you for being the voice for The Forgotten, thank you for keeping up the courage and the strength to keep doing what you are doing. I´m personally and on behalf of all the beautiful souls that one day will be free, grateful for you. Ever since I became vegan in mid May I have been thinking about how to make the most effective and powerful impact on changing this world for the better. I have not come up with a solution yet, but one day very soon I hope to have an epiphany of an idea and that it will be as truly groundbraking [sic] and life-changing as yours. Thank you, Emily!

I have been watching, learning about the vegan lifestyle for… years? It was you and your message that gave me the courage to transition. I already admired you. It's your heart. That, you have in abundance. Thank you.

-Jacqui Michelle, via YouTube

I'm a vegetarian, and i never thought eating free range hen's eggs was bad till now. I really thought free range was something like a huge plane surface full of happy hens but now I know it isn't like that. I also never thought people would be so bad to cows for milk products so this video has just opened my eyes. I'm really Thankful for this I'm really glad I watched it. It's like the fourth video of yours that I watch and I already love you. I really wish there was more people like you. This video is just the BEST VIDEO EVER. never seen someone who speaks about this without been ironic or rude or saying something like :”humans shouldn't exist”. This was just perfect. Love your videos. <3

-Valentina pulgar rachel, via YouTube

I love you so much. Because of your videos I became an ethical vegan, not only for health reasons who I was before. This lifestyle just make so much sense to me, it's healthy, saves animals (including people), the planet, provides so many benefits, literally changes the state of mind. Recently my little sister went vegan and she is fascinated by the lifestyle. It's the best feeling in the world that she started to talk to parents about animal cruelty (just like I am) and she is only 13. I'm 17 btw and really feel world will go vegan soon

-Agata Chojowska, via YouTube

I just recently became vegan again for the second time in my life and it is so hard when surrounded by meat eaters. But your video touched me in such a way that I know without a doubt that despite how much I will have to argue and defend my choice, it is the right one.

-Angela Nicole, via YouTube

Thank you Emily! You are doing an amazing job! I used to have a bit of trouble staying vegan only for my own health, which was what had brought me to a plant-based diet. However, after I found your website and YouTube channel there has been no moment when I was tempted to have another little bit of anything (food or otherwise) that had to do with killing or mistreating an animal. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such well researched and well put together information. You are a real treasure.

-C.V., via email

You inspired me. Six of my friends and my mum have become vegan thanks to the information I've sent them including your videos. My mum found your environmental video fascinating and it had a huge influence on her at the age of 55. Thank you!

-Christopher Kay, via Facebook

Very regretful 56 year old (vegan 5 mths first for health and then very quickly the ethics became crystal clear) I love listening to ‘that tattooed girl' and you gave me the vehicle to introduce it more to my 19 year old daughter (always been vegetarian) and she could really relate to you and your message and now vegan for 3 weeks!!! and going strong.
Gary Yourofsky opened my husbands eyes and you my daughters.
You are changing lives Emily. Thank you.

-Trace R, via YouTube

I am 51 years old and by watching your YouTube videos I became vegan on June 11th 2015. I thank you. I cry a lot because I wish I had the knowledge of this when I was much younger. I have many health issues, diabetes and obesity are the major ones but even though my health has improved dramatically, I tell people I became vegan for the sake of the animals. My partner of 15 years is supportive of my transition to becoming a vegan, but she has no intention on becoming a vegan at this point. So including my partner, I live with 5 other meat eaters in our household. :( . It gets lonely at times but I'm never going back. Once again, thank you and keep sending out the knowledge that you do. You changed my life for the best.

-Thelcia McDonald, via YouTube

Emily, that was really amazing! I am vegetarian but I can't eat vegetarian anymore after this! You did such an incredible job on this video, the quality and effort you put into it was clearly there! Thank you because this was a real eye opener! Now to binge watch your videos and begin a vegan diet!

-naturallykeeli via YouTube

You probably get a lot of these e-mails but I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your dedication towards pursuing freedom for animals.

Before I started to watch your videos I was a vegetarian and it was the best decision ever made! For a good few months I have been adding more and more vegan meals to my diet. And now I am a vegan! Yay!
I am 16 now and I have to say being the only vegan in my house has been kind of hard but your videos have helped me to make my family understand my decisions more. They are now very supportive of me and to my surprise are decreasing ther meat intake.

Your videos are very interesting and entertaining! Your website and ebook are equally amazing!
Thanks! Ps: I'm in love with Ooby (but who isn't)

-Veronica via email

I've been a vegan for only a year now (was blindly vegetarian for seven, oops) and I just want to say thank you for your awesome YouTube videos. I learn more and more every day from you and Gary about things I never knew happened/existed! I really enjoyed your video on if tattoos are vegan. Thats always kind of been a question of mine.. anyway, I'm a big fan! :) can't wait to learn more from you!

-Shaine via

Just wanted to say that my partner and I love your videos…as hard as they are to hear sometimes. We have both recently decided to go vegan and your videos with their thorough research have been a contributing factor. You're funny, informative, and brief…thank you!

-Claire Lindsay via

Thank you! Your factual and non judgmental approach in your videos happen to be one of the causal effects for me finally taking the step to being a vegan, Thank you very much.

-kim andersen via YouTube

I want to begin by telling you that I am now vegan (and have been for 1 month and a half) because of you, and there are not enough kind words in this world for me to use in order to properly thank you! By watching your videos, I received the guidance of a peaceful and understanding mentor, one that did not judge and one that I felt was safe and pure, in the sense that not for one second was I under the impression that you were anything else but a voice for the victims.

Your approach is brilliant. In your videos, you're not trying to shame people for eating meat, though you are one of the most passionate people I've seen, and you're not making it about weight loss, even though we all know it would attract way more people, since there's this craze happening right now, and everyone is just obsessed with losing weight. In my opinion, yours is the only relevant point out there: “Does Mrs. Cow care about the way my thighs look? No.” That video was hilarious, but it was also the one that hit home for me, and it hit home so hard that it made me fall in love with you and your compassionate, no BS way of thinking…

The resources on your site were really useful, and I can't thank you enough for them! I admire you, I look up to you, and I wish you the best!

-Irina Jelea, via email

I just wanted to let you know that I adore you. You're so intelligent and selfless. So inspiring. I love your personality, sense of self, and of course all-consuming compassion for animals. I've been following you for awhile, even before I was fully vegan. Your videos have helped me make the switch from vegetarian to my choice to live the lifestyle as a vegan. I know you spend an excruciating amount of your life devoted to animals and Bite Size Vegan, which I appreciate more than you know, so don't feel burdened with emailing me back. I just wanted you to know that you've helped me personally with opening my eyes. Even with your videos about topics such as honey, silk, and horseback riding, that people can find insignificant, I find them significant. You've helped so many people and nonpeople on this planet. I've directed close friends to your channel and they are making amazing strides towards veganism. They had concerns about nutrition, so thank you so much for your series on those topics. My boyfriend is newly vegan! Thank you for your athlete series!!! That was his main concern, to feel good and still be able to exert so much energy into cycling and pottery. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
All my adoring love, as well as my rescued bunny Red,

-Laura Hansel via Email

EMILY! i am now fully vegan!… except for the leather, silk and wool that I haven't fully given away yet (but this will be done in due time)
A big thanks to you and ooby for helping open my eyes to the truth. You guys are legends! I want you to know that you ARE making a difference! I will be vegan until the end of my days, and (as i am now healthier (and I'm young)) plan on having many more days to come… and (with your help (and ooby's of course)) will be saving an animal's life every day from now on, so YAY!

-Max Keane, via YouTube

I just wanted to send you a teeny tiny message to let you know how much I appreciate your videos on YouTube.  Seriously.  I'm new to veganism and you are helping me so much with your compassionate, witty, and obviously thoughtful work.  These things can become so serious, but you make me laugh and remember what the real point is in creating a healthier, happier, kinder world.  Thanks so much!

– E.C. via Email

Hi Emily, I'd like to say that I appreciate all of the videos that you put your time in to making.  I have finished up my first month of being vegan and your nutrition series helped me a lot.  Some of your other videos were helpful in understanding some topics that I have never considered before. It's all a lot easier and less time-consuming than reading page after page of text.

Finally, on a more personal level, I appreciate your attitude and perspective.  It is refreshing to see that you do not seem to have much arrogance or hubris on these matters.  Whether you do in real life, I don't know, but your videos seem confident without coming across as excessive, despite your clear passion for veganism and activism.  I wish you continued success!

– Elisabeth Y.

I just wanted to say that I discovered your YouTube channel a few weeks ago when I decided to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan (as I am a huge animal-lover), and have been binge- watching your videos since!

It's so informative and helpful, easy to understand and accurate without being controversial or aggressive.  Which is all really great for spreading the message to others and giving answers to all the non-vegans when they ask the typical stupid questions!

All I want to say is thank you, for educating me about the lifestyle and ethics behind it with a sense of humor too!

I love watching the videos of yours and Gary Yourofsky's to keep me motivated, informed and reinforce why it's so important to continue living vegan!
Also I love your tattoos! I love animal tattoos, and when I'm getting my next one soon I will be sure to check if everything used is vegan, as I had never heard of ink etc containing animal products. Thanks again and keep being awesome! Love from the UK,

– Amy H. via email

As someone who has only gone vegan in the last year I’d like to thank you for your approach. Parts of the vegan community have been terrifying for me and it’s been nice to feel I’m in safe hands with you.  Right level of fact, inspiration plus help.  Thanks again.

– Kimeros via

Thank you Emily.  I am 52 years old and just became a vegan in the past 2 months, for ethical reasons and it being a healthy diet, is an added bonus.  Because I don't know any vegans I searched the Internet, which I'm new to, for anything information that could help me on my new lifestyle.  When I found YouTube, I realized being a vegan was not one set diet, that there was raw, raw till 4, pre-made vegan, junk food vegan, mostly fruit or vegetable eating vegans and so on…I watched many different people's video's.

Your videos are the ones I come back to for information on veganism.  I just wanted to thank you, for all of the hard work you put into to make the videos you make; for your personality; for all of the help you've unknowingly given me and especially for all that you are doing for the animals.
As a mom, I know that you give your parents much happiness, knowing that their daughter is making a difference in this world.

– Debbi Nakamura via email

I've been vegan for 5 months now (vegetarian for 10 years) and I honestly couldn't have done it without you Emily. In my first few days as a vegan, I watched every single one of your videos. You armed me with the information I needed to pursue a vegan lifestyle. Thank you so much.

– Jessica M via YouTube

I loved this! By the way, your activism was what inspired myself, my husband and two children to go Vegan. 4 people in one shot isn't too bad. Thank you for all you do.

– Jennifer Steeves Monk via Facebook

You are doing a great job.  I love the quality of your work, the research that you do and the presentation of your videos.  I must say you have convinced me.  I have been a vegetarian for 21 years (my way of stating that I am against animal cruelty) and am now in the process of trying to find a suitable diet to meet my needs and become a vegan.  Keep up those nuggets coming, you do inspire!

– Nikos Kostaras via Email

That was actually so amazing! this has opened a completely new door for me and my life, thank you so much.

– Ella Orgorman via YouTube

This video was beyond anything I have watched on YouTube EVER. It brought me to tears, your words were perfection.  Whenever anyone questions my choice to be vegan I always tell them to visit your channel, because your [sic] the one that convinced me to do it.  Thank you for getting through to me.  I hope this video does the same for so many others.  Well done, and again, thank you :)

– Daydreaming Vegan via YouTube

Powerful video.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Emily.  I especially appreciate your comments on vegetarianism: I was a long time vegetarian who hardly thought twice about animal suffering.  Yes, being a vegetarian can be a transition and is definitely better than eating meat, but I found that it's easy to be complacent in that position.  You inspired me to switch to veganism four months ago and I am never going back.  The suffering humans cause is just despicable.  Not consuming animal products is the very least we could do.

– Abby Forth, via YouTube

Woah!!!! I've been vegetarian for a while and wow that just REALLY OPENED MY EYES!  Thanks for making this video!  I am making a switch, for the animals now!!! [in response to the video on how many animals we kill]

– maddie h via YouTube

For nearly a 2 months now, I've been watching your videos.  You've inspired me to take up the vegan lifestyle.  I’ve been a vegetarian for about 6 months now and because of your wise words, I've stopped drinking milk and honey and I rarely eat eggs.  Thank you so much for putting so much time into these videos so that people can really know what goes on.  I can't thank you enough.  I hope you keep inspiring!

– Zoe Fox via YouTube

Finally, and I truly mean this, thank you Emily, for doing what you do.  I might not always agree with you, and I might view our role in the biosphere differently than you, and occasionally I do like to politely share my views with you.  For a change, but I'm glad that there's people looking out for the welfare of animals.  I promise I will stop eating dairy shortly, and that's entirely to your credit.

– Richard El via YouTube

I just wanted to thank you, as it's thanks to you that I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle.  Out of everybody’s videos I've watched, I find you the most relate-able, you have educated me so much, but kept it light-hearted and made veganism seem less daunting that it first appears.  I am forever sharing your videos and I am truly grateful for all of the time and effort spent creating them.  You really are making a difference in this world, one new vegan at a time, and that is incredible.

– Sarah Archibald, via YouTube

Hi, I am literally almost 3 weeks vegan and found your videos.  I feel like I am finally waking up after 40 years. I love what you are doing, your videos are awesome.  I became vegan initially because I have been feeling run down and for some vanity reasons too.  The last few weeks I have learned so much and this has changed me in so many ways.  I am heartbroken for the cruelty and joyous for my ability to do my part to help save the animals and the planet.  Thanks for reading and for everything you do! I love your videos :)

– Melissa via

Thank you so much for all you do.  I was discouraged for a long time from the vegan lifestyle by some youtubers making me feel shameful for transitioning (I was pescatarian) but when I started watching your videos and seeing your upbeat spirit, I made the switch overnight.  It hasn't been long, only 5 days, but I already feel great.  And I've never before been this excited for veganism. :)

– Run Ally Run via YouTube

I just wanted to tell you that your videos are so inspirational and I really love your approach in terms of education about veganism.  You are absolutely amazing and I'm really happy that I started watching your YouTube videos.  I am an animal lover and I went vegan about a week ago and I have learned so much through your vids.  Thank you so much for what you do! You are AMAZING!

– magickal-mermaid, via Tumblr

Hi Emily, I just wanted you to know you are truly an inspiration.  When I was 13, it was your videos that encouraged me to go from veggie to vegan and I'm now approaching my one year anniversary!  Thank you for changing the world for the animals xx

– pineapplekitkat, via Tumblr

Wihoo!  Congrats and thank YOU!  Your videos have helped me and my fiancee move into a new way of life and thinking :)

– Anna Panoch, via YouTube

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you Emily.  Your videos have enlightened me and my boyfriend in so many ways and I find your presentation of useful information highly refreshing!  I think your tattoos look amazing and the next one I get I'll definitely make sure that it's vegan :) Thanks again, much love from Scotland!

– Steffedy, via YouTube

I have been eating vegan for a few weeks now and I am thriving.  I contacted you when I first started this because I am an otr trucker and you sent me a link to your videos, THANK YOU!  The information in your health videos is wonderful.  I am now working on being an ethical vegan not just a health vegan.  Thanks so much keep up the good work.

– I.W.

Awww… Emily is working so hard to enlighten the world.  You're my HERO!!!!  I went Vegan because of you and your fantastic YouTube vids! Very informative.  Thanks for all your amazingly hard work, please keep spreading the word! :)

– @artemis_rose_xxix

Hey Emily!!  Through your talks and other vegans, I am on my last steps to becoming fully vegan. (only some chocolate occasionally, and i know the importance of transitioning slowly for my all or nothing personality).  But just as importantly the education you and Gary and others provide has been the main reason my meat eating boyfriend (he ate meat with every meal) has been meat free for the last two months AND his goal is to be vegan by the end of the year.  I came home the other day to see him on the couch with YOUR voice coming out of his laptop.  He had watched all of your videos in one day.  At first he was so resistant to change…….but if you enlighten people a little, light a small fire it spreads, they suddenly have the urge to educate themselves.  And your videos are PERFECT for newbies.  The perfect mix of complex science and sometimes horrific truths but not overwhelming, due to your heartfelt delivery, witty personality and the size of the videos.  Emily, if my boyfriend went vegetarian in Spain (a meal is not a meal without some form of flesh covered in olive oil) then there is MASSIVE hope!!  So, my point is Thank You!! You are amazing but Don't burn out because you will be of No use then. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

– kate kit kat, via YouTube

I have never sent a message on here before so i hope you get it.  I just wanted to say how much I admire you.  I LOVE the way you do your videos. funny, informative, to the point, not pushy and honest.  You are definitely going about promoting veganism the right way.  I have only recently become vegan and ill tell you what…If i found your videos earlier… I would have become vegan a loooooong time ago!  Keep up the good work.  You are an inspiration.

– T.W., via YouTube

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do.  You have helped solidify my vegan convictions and have even helped me educate my boyfriend, and now he's plowing through life like a rhino, making better choices every day!  Veganism has brought us closer together as a couple, and some of the credit goes to you.

I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your wonderful posts!  They are intelligent, easy to grasp and I adore your enthusiasm to educate people!  The practical and calm demeanor you exude is admirable.  Please, keep doing what your doing, and know that you make a difference in so many people's lives.

Heaps of love!

– Tristan Ormesher, via email

Thank you so much Emily!  I found you thru YouTube and I just fell in love with your channel and your passion.  I am a brand new baby Vegan (only a few weeks) but was Vegetarian before that. I'm so much more at peace now since the change.  I can look at every beautiful life on this planet and know that I am not causing it any harm or pain.  It is absolutely freeing!!!  My husband, unfortunately, is as far from Vegan as it gets but he supports me no matter what.  I keep preaching (in a loving way) to him but ultimately that is a decision he will have to make himself.  However, I won't cook any animal products for him.  If he wants something like that, he knows he has to do it himself and wash up LOL.  Keep on doing what you are doing, Emily.  It is making a difference!
Love to you and beautiful Ooby!

– BJ Williams, via email

Hello!  I just want to say THANK YOU for open my eyes and make me vegan.  Wish You all the best, keep up the great work.  Greetings from Poland.

– D.M., via Facebook

I just had to say thank you for all your amazing videos!  The work your putting in is paying off I am now vegan and you had a large part to play in that.  Also I would like to say that every time I show your videos to a non vegan they truly appreciate them, I can see the seed being planted the questions being raised in their minds, they may not turn vegan tomorrow but I know they are starting to eat more consciously.
In summary, you're an absolute star! When I watched the video about animals grieving this morning I knew I had to join the army and help you fight the good fight!
Love too oobey too :)

– Charlotte Parkin, via email

hi Emily–Just wanted to say thank you for everything, for all the inspiration and motivation and dedication!  You played a huge part in my change to a vegan lifestyle and I'm so glad and grateful that there are people like you who truly care and dedicate so much time to spreading the truth. Thank you!!

– purplebanana97, via Instagram

Emily!  Thank you for your informative videos and thank you for what you do.  I've been vegan since a year back and I'm not regretting anything, the truth is horrible and the change after I quit animal products is amazing, I'm feeling all better, I have a other preference of taste and I'm so sick of the lies the animal industry is telling us…  Once again I thank you and Ooby!

– S.D., via Facebook

I want to pass along a big thank you for being such a positive influence.  I've been mostly vegetarian (chicken here and there, fish, dairy) since high school (around 2001) and was vegan for a summer when I was 16.  Excuses, general laziness are really the only reasons I never really stuck to it.  I think I was more interested in health reasons and didn't really think too much about the animals. It didn't take long before I started feeling really sick (lethargic, moody,zits, YUCK) so I was poking around the internet and found your YouTube channel and then Gary Yourofsky's “best speech ever”.  It had a huge impact on me and has truly woken me up to the horrors of what animals are facing ever minute of everyday.  Your videos are really encouraging, motivating, thought provoking, and a dose of American sarcasm is a nice reminder of home too.  Thank you for your comic relief and openness.  You are incredibly well spoken which makes the videos that much more enjoyable.  Please do keep up your hard work and your honestly.  You are seriously an inspiration and are making an impact all the way over here in France.  I hope to lead by example as you are.

– K.W., via Facebook

I sent a couple of your videos to my mam (non vegan), shes really considering going vegan and has shared your videos and forwarded your videos to a lot of her friends, I have been doing it too, but now, to get her to do the same is really exciting!  Thank you so much!!

– Nimah Fortune

I am a non-vegan (in transition) and really enjoy you upbeat positive message regarding the vegan movement.  I am a subscriber and do follow you on FB too.  I find your videos helpful and informative, without negative trash talking.  Thank you for being an inspiration as I transition.

– Au79AtomicGold, via YouTube

Hello!!  I'm Asuka and I'm pro-wrestler from Japan!
I went vegan from last year December.  I learned so much from you (vegan info and helping my English skill to brush up he he)I just wanna say thank you and soon I want to be a activist like you!
Sorry with my broken English.I will work hard to become as a vegan athlete ;)
Thank you!

– Asuka Ramey, via email

I am new to veganism (1 week) and I am really relating to your experience of the overwhelming suffering and pain and feeling helpless.  Mainly because people seem to just not want to know about it.  I am LOVING you and your videos they have given me so much information and true inspiration about veganism and honestly I feel much happy from a within my soul perspective.  But I'm from Melbourne in Australia (luckily I live in a trendy yuppie suburb where it is the rage to be healthy i.e vegan) not the US so I thought I better do some research about this topic in Australia.  I found a couple of animal sanctuaries and it made me very happy.  But I came across the animal advocate Lyn Whitetley who works for the group Animals Australia.  Now any advocacy for the animals is great and she has gained national attention but I feel they are missing the point!  They have ads describing the tortuous conditions of battery cage hens and everyone agrees this is barbaric but then they encourage people to buy free range.  Argh! I can't express my feelings very well.  Lyn Whiteley recently did a talk about her cause and I managed to get about 3/4 of the way through having forced myself to sit through her irrelevant drivel to get to some message of animals and welfare and i was hoping a mention of a vegan diet or at least plant-based.  It's 1:06 in the morning here and my words are failing but this is animal advocacy in Australia: … Keep up the good work!!  You give me such good motivation and yeah so Go Live Vegan and I'll talk to you next time!

– Stephanie Mills, via email

I used to watch all your videos but because of school I cant watch them as much but I still really like you and your amazing content.  Thank you for helping me see how my lifestyle was causing the suffering and enslavement of innocent creatures…Thank you again.

– T.P., via Facebook

Holy sh*t, I love your videos.  You so damn smart.  I'm not a vegan, but I figure I'll watch enough of these that I'll just have to be eventually.  It's your research and foot notes and all that shiz that gets me.

-Danielle T., via YouTube

Hey I know we don't personally know each other and I know you probably get this a lot but, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a super dope individual.  I went vegan 4 months ago and I've been following all your videos since.  I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do.  The world needs more people like you.  Thank you for that segment with Gary Yourofsky, his video is what woke me up originally.  I don't personally know anyone living this lifestyle, I stumbled upon a factory farming video on YouTube and after watching it, I did a little digging and found Gary's video.  Since I don't know anyone, I don't have any connections.  This might sound like an odd question and I won't be offended if you can't answer it but I'm really interested in the liberation of animals and I was wondering if you know anyone that could help me out with that.  I'm really about this life and I really would like to take some action.

– E.M., via Facebook

Hi, Emily! … I'm just emailing to thank you for all of the amazing work you do.  I was a vegetarian for 12 years and have finally decided to make the switch to veganism–almost entirely inspired by your videos.  It had been on the back of my mind for a couple of months, and after watching nearly all of your videos, I knew it was time to take the plunge.  I'm only a couple of weeks in so far, but already I'm wondering what on earth took me so long to get here.  I honestly feel healthier and happier than I ever have before.  Just wanted to express some gratitude in a way that's a little more personal than a like on one of your videos.  Hope you have a great day! =)

– Abby Schulman, via email

Thanks to your videos and those of Gary Yourofsky, I looked in the mirror at my own hypocrisy and became a vegan a few months ago.  I was vegetarian already, but for one reason or another, didn't go the logical distance and go vegan.  It was probably just sheer laziness and a slight worry over how others may perceive me, so pretty lame excuses really.  Anyway, at least now I live cruelty free.  Better late than never right!  Keep up the good work.  Your videos are brilliant and very useful.

– Dave Rickeard, via Facebook

Up until about 8 months ago or so, it was my belief that I could not give up cheese.  I hadn't consumed dairy milk, butter, ice cream, etc., for a long time, but giving up cheese…WOW, that was the biggie.  As it turns out, I simply needed to accept and face the fact that the cruelty of the dairy industry was real, and unconscionable.  I could not truly love animals and continue to eat cheese; the two concepts could not coexist for me. (and it was BSV that pushed me over the edge, and for that, I am grateful!)

– Melissa Noble, via Patreon

Emily, you made me cry!  Until now I made all sorts of excuses not to be vegan (I'm vegetarian now).  Your message is extremely powerful, don't you ever stop spreading it.  You just made one more vegan!

– Timotea Turk

Hi, Emily, My name is Tiago and I'm from Portugal, I really like your videos, they are informative, funny, and alerting!  I'm thinking of going vegan when I grow up, I've once tried but my parents told me not to be cuz I need to grow up (I'm only 14).  I was shocked by the way the animals products are made, and I couldn't believe it, my mum have talked to me about the McDonald's food, but I just didn't care, until I found out your videos, and now I really want to be a vegan, I have showed your videos a friend of mine and she said that she will do the same!  I want you to know that you are a big inspiration for me and I wanna end with every animal suffering!  Although I still have to eat meat, I now recuse veal, pig, and fast food!

– Tiago Ventura, via email

Hi!  I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me so much and it is because of you that I am now vegan and never planning on eating animal products again.  I have watched all of your YouTube videos and am a huge supporter.  Thank you for all that you do!!  We need more people like you in the world.

– Shianasalome, via Instagram

You changed my life and for that I’m grateful…I can say honestly that no one or thing has impacted me so drastically.  I only hope that I can be as actively involved in helping animals as you one day.

-Stacey, IL, USA, via email

I love you and your channel <3.  After seeing your video “Is eating meat a personal choice?”  I went vegan right away after being vegetarian for a year :).  And now my family eat way less animal products than before, so keep up the good work and spread the message! ^_^

                                                                                       -DuckYeahDebbie :D, via

I have been following you for more than a year.  At first you scared the living hell out of me.  I was telling everybody I was plant-based for my health.  I was afraid of you crazy vegans.  I use to hunt, fishing, trapped and even butchered my own livestock.  You definitely had your work cut out for you.  One of the most important things that you taught me was that animals valued their life too and I was ready to listen. I now have 18 months as a vegan. I did not know and now I do.  Thank you.

-Eric Jones, via YouTube

I've been hovering around veganism for years and yesterday decided (/realised) I was out of excuses.  I have found your videos on youtube a great source of information without being completely serious all the time (gets very intimidating) so I'm happy to join the club.

– Evalyn Dick via email

I’m 14 years old and I became a vegan because of you, you opened my mind to see what really is going on in today's society with animals.

– ayla_awesome_9, via Instagram

What you have done makes me believe, teach me there is a way to make the world better, give me a meaning to my life. I turned to vegan one month ago.  I have started reading more about this topic, and encountered your excellence videos.  They make my believe of love and compassion even stronger and gave me a logic arguments about protecting other beings.

– Ben Liang via email

Emily, you have helped me so much during my vegan journey.  I have educated many using your videos as a segway and tool.  You are wonderful and beautiful! Thank you for everything :)

                                                                                                  -Dana Lingard, via YouTube

‘Vegan nugget watching' is helping me to develop into the true vegan that I am striving to become … keep up the good work, Emily.

– jeanette johnson, via YouTube

I just wanted to say, in the massive slew of “health” ( a better term would be diet) oriented vegan videos, I'm so glad I found TheBiteSizeVegan.  The information and details you've given and explained has contributed greatly to me becoming vegan.  I decided instantaneously I would be vegan.

-Shreya de Souza via Email



I have been vegan for about a month now and I'm loving it.  After watching pretty much every one of your videos (and a few documentaries) I made the decision to cut out all animal products from my diet.  I doubt I will ever go back to my old diet , what is there to go back to?  Eating dead animal flesh and puss?  No thanks!  Thank you so much for taking the time to make these life changing videos :)

-Amanda Dolby, via YouTube

Emily, I just want you to know that I've flirted with veganism a few times in my life.  I'm currently going through my longest stretch of veganism thus far, 5 months, and I thought I'd try and learn more about veganism and the right way to do things.  Along the way I found your channel on YouTube and have been watching every new video.  I've watched many recommended documentaries throughout the years, including earthlings and while I found the images disturbing it was never enough for me to take on the animal rights cause.  Veganism for me has always been a health reason.  But then I saw this video today at lunch. [the truth about thanksgiving video] I was in my work cafeteria surrounded by co-workers and after hearing about the mass murders of native Americans followed by images of turkeys being slaughtered…I felt such a strong urge to cry and I know I would've if I weren't in public.  I think now that I've opened up my compassionate side and moving towards veganism for ethical reasons.  I'm proud of that and I thank you for being a part of that transition.  Please keep doing what you're doing and know that you're making a difference.

-Highcarbist, via instagram

Bite size vegan gave me the final push I needed to go vegan, thank you <3

                                                                                                       -Marianne Kim, via

I just wanted to thank you for all your videos.  They are a precious gift.  They are brief, well documented and wise.  They also have that funny touch which always makes me smile and to me, you simply are a beautiful soul!  You are one of the reasons that pushed me to go vegan.  I have never felt so good before.  I'm in peace with myself now.

-S. M., Switzerland, via direct message

Hi, I just want you to know that I've been teetering on the edge of becoming vegan for quite some time, and your channel has accelerated my journey ten-fold.  Your videos are perfect and just want people need to see the truth.  Short and packed full of reliable information and raw (hehe) passion.  I had to support when you asked, its virtually criminal that you put out such high quality content and it puts you in the red.  Thank you and I wish you success and happiness, you are doing good for this planet. Namaste

-Jennifer Faith, via Patreon

I really enjoy all your videos.  I am new to being Vegan.  I knew some things about what animals go through. However your videos have really helped me learn some things that I am ashamed to say I did not know about. Please keep up the AMAZING work.  I am proud to be a subscriber to your informative and hilarious channel!!  Thank you.

-Violette Neal, via YouTube

Hi there, Emily! I’m always so amazed after watching your genius ‘nuggets’ of information whether it’s you being you which is so darling — forceful yet peaceful — or listening to Gary’s interviews which always pounds the truth home, if you will. ;)  You’ve been a godsend to me as I’ve fairly recently adopted a vegan life after being vegetarian for over a quarter century, never quite getting the correlation between true commitment to compassion and just eating vegies AND animal secretions.  HUGE correlation.  I moved from southern CA to central ca and found myself in the middle of the effing dairy belt, ‘cattle’ ranching, ‘chicken farms’ and highways constantly full of trucks transporting innocents off to slaughter.  Man, it didn’t take me long to GET it — loud and clear!  I thank God for all like-minded people like you and everyone truly making a difference.  And, yes, I’m a believer in God and I’m thinking He isn’t exactly pleased with His ‘children’ who kill His beautiful creations for appetite, sport, entertainment, et al.  But all we can do is pray and hope that more and more people become abhorred at what’s on their plate and live compassionate lives. Thanks again so much.

                                                                                                                     –Lesley, via

Hello Emily! I am 12 years old and in the process of becoming vegan.  You along with many others have inspired me to make the change.  I've always loved animals and I've been vegetarian in the past but now I understand the cows on your milk cartons aren't as happy as they seem and the chickens on the egg cartons have the same reality.  Thank you so much for making your videos and inspiring others!

                                                                                        -Taylor Mann. via YouTube

Thanks for all the work you do.  You are truly amazing.  I am following you for a few weeks now, from Curacao and although the Messages are often  heartbreaking, I feel very happy to get all this (thorough!!!!) research.  So Thanks for being so smart too, that helps!

-E. N., via email

Emily, Bite Size Vegan has helped me learn a lot about being vegan (like about honey, wool, animal testing, horse-riding, the environment), and I am so grateful for you and your approach of making short, info-packed videos on important, interesting topics.  Your channel is very educational and it’s clear that you research a ton to give us the info with the most bite ;).  I believe it’s safe to say that it will be a long-term resource for me <3.  I kind of wanted to post my story and to thank you. :)

                                                                                                  -WheatenPie, via YouTube

Hello, I just wanted to say how awesome your channel is.  I went vegan 7 months ago after watching Earthlings and you have made it very easy.  Every time I have a rough day from hearing stupid comments at work all day about being vegan, I know I can come home and feel like I'm a part of a great community.  Now I want to start a channel. Keep up the work and thank you for everything you do.  Also as an unexpected bonus I dropped 60 pounds without even trying.  I have a lot of overweight coworkers and I can't believe they haven't tried after seeing my results.  A meat-eater told me to stay away from bananas and rice because it will make me fat… Oh… sometimes the idiocy is too much to take ha.

                                                                                                                     -C.H., via Facebook

I just found your channel the other day, and I love your videos.  I can tell you do an abundance of research, and you make it easy to understand.  I just became vegan about a month and a half ago, and there are many things, like this, that I have questioned and was not very educated about.  Thank you for making awesome videos and educating people (like me)!

-Sierra M, via YouTube

Love your sense of humor.  Just found your channel recently and I've watched quite a few videos. I especially loved the one where you stalk and kill the orange! :)  As a recent convert to veganism I am enjoying learning as much as I can, but sometimes the delivery of the content is sooooo boring.  Thanks for adding some interest and humor to the learning process.

-Lyndsey Gunal, via YouTube

Thank you for all the work you do, Emily.  Reading your website and following your videos prompted me to make the change from vegetarian to vegan.  I love my new lifestyle and am grateful for all your information.  Since Christmas is now over, I will wish you a wonderful 2015 filled with joy, good health and many friends (virtual and in the flesh).

–Jill, via Patreon

Thank YOU!  I'm a vegan newbie–I've only been living vegan for about six weeks.  I've tried several times in the past to go vegan, but given up due to lack of support, lack of good information and weak motivation.  Your videos are the perfect shot of support, info and motivation whenever I need it!  I really appreciate what you're doing and I'm excited to be a part of it–however small. :)  Thanks, again!

–S.N., via Patreon

I love your videos!  I'm thirteen and I am currently a vegetarian but I am switching to a fully vegan diet!  I love how awesome and helpful your videos are! Thank you for inspiring me to go vegan!  I have felt much better since eating vegetarian and I think I will feel even better when I am a proud vegan.  I love animals, but I think being a vegan is the best thing ever!  I can feel no guilt :)

-naturallykeeli, via YouTube

Just wanted to say that your videos are just what this world needs.  You do it so right.  Also your videos were part of the reason that I finally woke up and finally become a vegan.  Sooo thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

-Samara, via email

So I had recently become a vegan, because of your videos actually.  Haha yes, you convinced me to become a vegan.

-babybop4081, via YouTube

Thanks for all the work you do.  You are truly amazing.  I am following you for a few weeks now, from Curacao and although the Messages are often heartbreaking, I feel very happy to get all this (thorough!!!!) research.  So Thanks for being so smart too…that helps!

                                                                                                                        -Esther, via YouTube

Thank you for making this video and exposing the truth about what happens to racehorses!  I rescued a racehorse that was awaiting slaughter I have taught him to be a normal horse and I'm currently teaching him to be ridden completely tackless without the need of bits or saddles after watching your horse riding video's! ☺

                                                                                                -Heather Currell, via YouTube

Thank you so much for making YouTube videos!  Your channel definitely needs more support, your videos are very educational but also very easy to understand too.  Seriously I hope one day I can be half the person you are.  I look up to you :)

-fruitbasedblonde, via Instagram

I wanted to say thank you for your videos.  I’ve been on and off the vegan lifestyle, mainly due to my sister’s influence and feeling embarrassed and weird for others knowing that I’m vegan.  It wasn’t until after I watched your videos and Gary Yourofsky’s updated speech—and moving back to my parent’s house—that convinced me I could not eat a single animal-based product ever again and to never feel embarrassed for being vegan.  I thank you and Gary for making me a lifelong vegan that’s stronger.

-L.G., via email

Thank you for all that you do.  You have made it easy for me to choose veggies over meat.

-Kristi Schneider, via YouTube

Hi Emily, thanks so much for the welcome and information!  I also want to thank you beyond words for your works on vegan activism; until I’d seen your video on how bad even the rest of the animal products industry’s animals are treated I was a vegetarian thinking about becoming a vegan, now (ever since the night I watched a spree of your YouTube content, which also included further health benefits) I’m a vegan, and I’ve never felt better in my life! So again, thank you so much Emily, you truly have changed my life!

– Dustin Robinson, via Email

Happy new year Emily, thank you for all the videos etc in 2014, your information made my transition to veganism so much easier.

                                                                                            -this_rainbow_life via  Instagram

I'm so impressed by the body of work you have created.  You are making history.  When we look back in years to come the information you are recording will be important like Martin Luther King Jr., Stonewall and Suffragettes.  The wit and speed you afford the videos is delightful and gripping.

Thank you for you efforts to save lives with your witty, energetic and astute videos.  They are brilliant.

-D.N., via direct message

Ur videos convinced my dad to stop consuming as much dairy as he used too and now he believes that humans aren’t supposed to eat meat!  Thank you!! ❤❤

-Ejovacevac, via Instagram

You're a lifesaver…not only for humans, but for most importantly, the animals.  I have never tried the vegan lifestyle…but after seeing some horrific, evil slaughterhouse and dairy industry videos on the web recently…I can now say I no longer have any interest in supporting them by eating meat of any sort. Being an intense animal lover, this video you created touched me beyond words.  I pray daily that the world will wake up and we humans will pull our heads out of our arses to realize that Vegan is the ONLY way to be.  I just wanted to say thank you for working so hard to get this immensely positive and lifesaving message out there! Keep it up, you're such an inspiration to me and I know so many other awakened people. Here's to saving the animals and ourselves!  Cheers :)

-Sarah Tabler, via YouTube

I've been wanting to make the transition to vegan for quite some time and this was the push I needed.

-Erin Tea via YouTube

I wanted to say that despite not being vegan I appreciate your videos and enjoy learning from them.  I work for a certified organic coop so we look out as much as a retail store can for the animals and through that experience and your videos I've definitely gained a new outlook on life and how simple choices can affect huge things.

-John E, via direct message

Hi! I'd just like to say I -love- your YouTube channel! I've watched so many of your awesome vegan nuggets and your channel actually inspired me to go fully vegan (mostly raw as well!) and I've even converted quite a few of my friends and set up an animal rights society at my University! thanks to your awesome message I'm now aiming to go into animal rights law and advocacy and fight for the cause.  I know this is probably a weirdly random message, I just wanted to let you know how much your work is impacting people, even in random parts of rural England!

                                                                                                                              -Ru Wilson, via Facebook

Thank you Emily for helping me over the line on this.  I've always wanted to be vegan, but butter put a damper in my motivation.  Your videos have changed that.  I've even watched the graphic ones… well, as much as I could stand.  I am salivating over the Pecan Pie Bites – I am definitely into simple – so these are perfect!!!  Thank you again, I love your no compromise attitude.  Mine is a work in progress – but at least I'm on the right side of the argument!!!

-Mwjeepster, via YouTube

I just wanted to say how amazing your videos are and how cool I think it is to devote your life in such a public way in order to get the message across to people.  I'm sure there has got to be a lot of backlash from that, but I definitely respect you for continuing to promote a vegan lifestyle.  Thank you for doing what you do, you are a truly beautiful person inside and out!!

-Faith, via email

What a beautiful soul you have to deliver such compassionate information.  Bite-size in size but mammoth for the voiceless.

-Disco Nouvo, via YouTube

You are by far my favorite subscription.  Not sure how I found you but I am so lucky I did.  Your approach is so unique.  All of your video's are awesome.  The vastness of the topics and teaching all aspects vegan to the comedic bloopers and “drum role please” in the “what I eat in a day video!!!!”  Also love your website and so glad your now on Instagram.  Thank you for everything and for answering people in the comments.  I learn so much from the questions and your answers.

-Asilyoj (Lisa), via YouTube

Wow you deserve a standing ovation by the whole planet.  You are the next evolution of man kind.

-EMESA31, via YouTube

[On horse riding video] Hi, as someone who spent their childhood riding and has recently become vegan this is so interesting for me.  Seriously thank you for this, it really summed up everything. when someone first asked me about it, I realized I had never really thought about the effect it was having on the horses I was riding and also whether they really enjoyed it.  Obviously I always made sure they were as happy as possible but I now realize they would have been much happier with me at the side of them rather than on top.  I've always wanted to adopt a horse anyway and now i know that if i do it will be defiantly as a companion not as a ridden horse.  Anyway thank you for this video it was really informative and to the point–keep making great vids!  Xox

– Emily Reed, via YouTube

I started binge-watching your videos yesterday and you've really inspired me to go completely vegan :D I've even watched some of Gary Yourofsky's interviews and talks and you both just make me really want to buckle down and get rid of milk and eggs my diet.  Keep on keeping on! ;)

-Awkward Emoticon Here, via YouTube

[In reference to my first wool video]  I had no idea that this was happening, oh my god!  I'm throwing all of my wool clothing away (thank god I don't have many).  Thanks for the video, it was really informative… I've been binge-watching all of your videos and they are incredible, you really are an amazing person, I wish everyone was like you!  Never stop doing this, the channel is growing and is gonna become way more popular than it right now is.  I wish you all the luck!  I gotta go back to watching more vids now! :)

-Frederico Santiago, via YouTube

Your amazing and I would like to know your vidoes were a big step to be becoming (for 2 months now) fully vegan.  Good on you, love your work <3

-XxLove myrabbits, via YouTube

I just have to say that I really appreciate your channel, I've been through so many vegan YouTubers and you are the first I feel like I can fully get behind.  You're obviously very passionate about spreading the vegan message, but at the same time you maintain a level head about things and use reason and evidence to make your case.  Not to mention that you don't ramble and you respond to pretty much every comment.  I love your videos and will continue to recommend them to anyone interested in veganism.  Your channel really deserves more attention than it's getting, people just need to hear about it.

-Allison Brandon, via YouTube

I know you are probably bombarded with tons of emails and commentary.  Maybe this message should be saved for you to read on a rainy day.  I wanted to share my story on how your channel has changed the life of my family.  I am a single mother of 2 that had always taught the importance of organic and dairy free living.  (I had a milk allergy since youth, so dairy products were never in our home.)  My daughter (10) loves animals, it broke my heart when she realized (at the age of 4) that chicken was really chicken.  (I will never forget that moment) She had expressed an eagerness to become vegan at a young age.  My son is a 15 year old linebacker on his high school football team.  Educated in the importance of healthy organic eating.  I had read The China Study and was fascinated by the connection between animal products and cancer.  I also want my children to be raised to be independent thinkers and to ask questions about everything that governs them.  (Even my own rules & laws at home) It wasn't exactly sure how I was going to execute a vegan “plan” but a few months ago my mother was diagnosed with the deadly cancer Melenoma.  I knew it was time to start taking action.  My mother went on a raw vegan diet.  After much more extensive research, and with persuasion of my own daughters' desires, I knew it was time to pull the trigger. (A now or never kind of moment). I also knew that it would give my mother support in her struggle with fighting cancer.  When I stopped smoking, I remembered how important it was for me to be around non-smokers in order to support my new lifestyle decision.  I applied this to my own family.  We went onto a transitional vegan diet.  (meat alternatives) In my research, I stumbled upon Gary Yourofsky's “best speech you'll ever hear” and that was the nail in the coffin for my meat eating ways. I never thought about the animal cruelty prospective.  My daughter and I found you.  She thinks your videos are hilarious. I  am so proud of the information she gains from you.  She can answer questions from friends and family about her choices in such an intellectual way!  It its your videos that explain with visuals and references that ANYONE can understand!  Though your videos are not “children based”…. I feel that it is important for my kids to know the TRUTH.  And you dish it out how it is without sugar coating it how school does.  And I think that is what my family benefits from.  As far as my son, transition has been a bit more difficult since he has to deal with normal teenager “acceptance” issues Though he practices his vegan-ism at home flawlessly, school can be hard.  This is where you video's REALLY play a key role.  He may love meat, but there are two things teenagers love.  Food & Money.  Though I refuse to put my money toward any animal cruelty, however, my son is free to use his money any way that he would like. (i.e., lunch at school, or hanging out with friends).  The money that he earns is from your videos.  For each nugget video he watches, he earns $5 that can be spent on anything he chooses.  I defiantly see changes in his decision on how he spends his hard earned money.  And with your help, I am raising a young adult that is practicing independent thinking and spending.  The way you do your videos is a way that a teen loves.  I actually love when you swear because it makes you more “cool” and REAL.  And it delivers the message more effectively.  Though I don't allow swearing in my home, I think the issue on animal cruelty is much more important than the language they are exposed too, and if it get's the message across…I am ALL FOR IT!  The next time haters are getting you down, or you feel like your efforts are not having an impact on the world please remember these small stories.  By one watcher (me) you have touched the lives of THREE people.  Two of them are our future.  This has a tremendous impact on our future, and theirs.  Please keep doing what you do!  I am so thankful to have found you!!

-Delilah Brztowski, Chicago IL, via YouTube

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Hi Emily…I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I already appreciated you and your videos before, but now you have this fabulous kids' series. I appreciate the time and effort that went into them, and for providing me with good quality videos to show my vegan 5 year old. I also have a vegan 8 month old, and when she is older, I will show her the videos too. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, which I think is of utmost importance. While it is possible for anyone to change, I really believe that changing the minds and hearts of parents, soon-to-be-parents, or college-aged students is MOST important, as they have the opportunity to bring into this world children, which they can raise to be compassionate, educated vegans. I hope my children will some day choose veganism for themselves (once I'm not choosing it for them anymore), and your videos will certainly help in the process. So, from my family to yours, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Katie, Joel, Lane, and Clara

-Katie, via

You rock Emily. I'm just now checking out your children's series for my kid, who understands mommy is Vegan but doesn't quite get all of it. I'm going on a year and she will be 6 in 2 weeks which is when me and her said she would become vegan as well. I'm only worried about the talk and maybe having to show her the killing and torture. Having to explain this aspect of the human species, man what a bummer for a child. I legit still have nightmares, horrible terrors involving the slaughter of animals, just a couple days ago I had one of those movie type of dreams that go on forever and as much as i try to forget it all its haunting me. Can you tell I'm a bit traumatized? Yeah, I obviously want to shield her from this, but I don't believe this is possible. Still don't know.


You rock Emily. I'm just now checking out your children's series for my kid, who understands mommy is Vegan but doesn't quite get all of it. I'm going on a year and she will be 6 in 2 weeks which is when me and her said she would become vegan as well. I'm only worried about the talk and maybe having to show her the killing and torture. Having to explain this aspect of the human species, man what a bummer for a child. I legit still have nightmares, horrible terrors involving the slaughter of animals, just a couple days ago I had one of those movie type of dreams that go on forever and as much as i try to forget it all its haunting me. Can you tell I'm a bit traumatized? Yeah, I obviously want to shield her from this, but I don't believe this is possible. Still don't know.


Emily, Thank you so much for your wisdom and empathy. You helped me go vegan. Fish was the hardest thing for me to give up and by watching your video on what it does to the environment stuck with me. Thank you so much for making a difference in my life and others. I was able to help my boyfriend go vegan because of you. Your videos always bring tears to my eyes and have given me a lot of knowledge to combat skeptical friends and family. I hope you always continue to make these life changing videos. They are saving so many lives. THANK YOU. <3

I have been vegan now for 1 year+ after discovering Gary Yourofsky and yourself on Youtube. You have truly saved my life! I now live a healthier life in general. I am no longer overweight. I am a better friend, a better husband, a better Dad and in general a better person.
I have more room for love in my life, more room for compassion. I was not able to find joy and love in the small things in life. My days now are filled with love, laughter and joy.
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me and thousands of others into better people! Thank you Emily ! :-)

-Jan A, via

You are the hardest working activist I have ever known of. The entire vegan community is so grateful for and supportive of you!

Emily! My family and I are SO proud of all the incredible, devoted, selfless, painstaking time, energy and effort you (have) and continue to put into all the work you do! You are an amazing inspiration to vegans and non-vegans alike. So many lives have been saved SINGLEHANDEDLY by you and your informative videos, blogs, speeches and other social media posts. You are MY HERO-I'm SO fortunate to have found your channel and meet you in person-a day I won't soon forget. You inspire me and help me to really keep things in perspective and keep sight of WHY I became and an ethical vegan-even when being an ethical vegan has become too overwhelming. I am ETERNALLY grateful for your beautiful existence in this universe! Best of luck to you in ALL you do and thank you for all the babies you (have saved) and continue to save!!! Much love & support from 'Lil Rhody, USA!

You are truly the most driven, compassionate, and dedicated vegan activist. You have inspired me to go vegan and thousands of others. Your quality is incomparable to any other vegan activism and education. Uploading once a week is still amazing and I'm excited for what is to come!

My son still doesn’t understand why we can't go to the zoo or aquarium anymore. This is wonderful, I'll be showing him later when he's home from school. Thanks for all you do Emily. I'm going on 10 months vegan, it started with cowspiracy, but it was solidified by you. Don't ever stop, you're making such a big difference.

Wow, I knew you were in amazing shape, but you look especially ripped here, lol. You have one of the best vegan activism channels out there, but while the focus on cruelty is your passion, it is great that you diversify the channel. I think a multifaceted approach to veganism is the most powerful, so the cruelty matters, but so does the environment, so does health and videos like this where you destroy all those anti-vegan myths are amazing. There are so many topics that most vegan channels won't cover, someone has to do it.

-Nicha, via YouTube

Growing up and being involved in Indian Guides as a kid because my great grandfather was Cherokee made for some awkward horse back riding camp out experiences as a young boy. I honestly hated it every time. I remember one unbelievable Kleidsdale named Red Dust. He was huge and so incredibly gentle and I hated riding him. I just wanted to stand by him and touch him and say hello but you know you gotta do what everyone else is doing or else you are weird. Well I don't care anymore about what everyone else is doing or what everyone's else thinks. I take my son camping now and we look at the horses and we touch the horses and we talk to the horses, but we don't ride them and he understands why, just like he understands being vegan. I share these feelings with my son so he doesn't feel obligated to participate in this type of cruel behavior and he is thankful that I do. More people need to be brave like you are Emily and the people who's stories you share with us. Thank you for giving me the encouragement to do what I think is right and what I feel and know is right. If we continue to raise our children in this way we can change the world and the future and I am one person who is trying to do that. I hope that more people will too.

Thank you so much for addressing this issue. I am an observant Jew and have approached several rabbis to consider that kosher slaughter runs counter to “kindness to animals”. Emily, you have done a wonderful thing here, exposing the truth, eloquently and most thoroughly. I have posted this on Facebook and I hope someone, anyone, will pay attention.

-Freya, via

[in reference to “Humane Halal & Kosher Kind: Mercy In Slaughter”]

This is the time. This is the time in human history--with all of our technology, and communication, and research amassed--when we choose the ultimate path of universal good or universal evil. Enlightenment or perdition. Thank you for posting this emphatic argument for making the right choice, Emily

This has been something our family has been looking at since our kids are at that age that most people would take to the zoo or circus. We have already decided on not going to the circus and my husband and I both agree that going to the zoo would fee wrong. I love that you made this video!! Love all your videos!!

Emily, you make a huge impact in bettering the world for us all. What you've contributed to veganism is perhaps unparalleled by anyone else. Thank you for this video and thank you for your heartfelt honesty. I'm so sorry this happens... I'm overwhelmed so often, too. I know that you will never stop doing what you do, providing thorough education for so many, and THAT gives me hope for humanity. THANK YOU, what you do for us all is priceless <3

Wow! In your face ignorance - you are the most erudite of vegan spokespersons, thank you

Emily, I just feel you are amazing. Your channel isn't about your personal life, we just get snippets here and there so we can get to know you and its not about making money for yourself, just enough so you can continue with this work and to survive. You stay out of all the vegan drama and continue to reach people in your own powerful way. Your videos are so intense even when they are non graphic, your drawings and narrations are some of the most touching autobiographies of animals.

-Paula Berga, via YouTube

Hey girl, I love your videos! They are always so educational! Please keep it up! It's people like you who are spreading the message! The more videos you make, the more people will see! You are doing a great job! Thank you for speaking out for the voiceless.

-My Beautiful Family, via YouTube

I watched this [speech] for the relaunch, but have never seen the original. I am already vegan, and this was one of the most powerful vegan speeches I've seen. Thank you for re-inspiring me to keep on going with this amazing lifestyle.

-Eliran Sobel, via YouTube

You are incredible Emily… You are one of the main reasons I decided to go vegan from vegetarian over a year ago, and why I always refer to your channel when I have a hard time answering to non-vegan's common questions. I truly admire your activism Emily. We will NEVER be silenced!!!!!!

-Gabrielle Blomlie, via YouTube

I've watched this video previously, and it is just a powerful and compelling on the second viewing. I commend you for putting together one of the best presentations possible on this exceptionally difficult, and highly emotional subject.

-Marvin Double, via YouTube

I just want to take this moment to express just how much I appreciate everything you are doing. You are an incredible being, Emily.

-Ingrid Hrovat, via YouTube

Thank you Emily, you are working so hard to spread the vegan message, you do so very eloquently and gracefully! you are truly inspiring and motivational!!

-Tour De Fruit, via YouTube

Emily, I have been watching your videos since you started, back when you still had a shaved head. Today, after watching your latest video and after I have spent the last few weeks trying to teach myself how to video edit and use Adobe Premiere, I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for all the work you put into your videos. Anyone who has never tried to make a cool detailed video, like all of yours, couldn't never understand or appreciated how much work you put into these video, and I am only referring to the actual video creation, edits, and cinematography… Never mind, all the work and research that you do to find and back your data in all the videos… Emily, you are one of the best people in the animal liberation movement, please know I am a huge fan and supporter, keep up the good fight!

-redneck2vegan, via YouTube

The effort, passion and time you invest into each and every single video of yours is absolutely remarkable and unique in the way they exist on YouTube and the rest of the internet, which is why I want to thank you a million times with this personally and support the message going out into the world <3 Thank you so much, Emily :3

-Z, via Email

Thank you for spreading knowledge and helping the animals :) <3 Your videos are always my go to links when people ask me questions. A girl I met online who recently went vegan talked about how she still eats honey because they know a local farm there they”care” for their bees. And I showed her your video on honey and how it's vomit, it's still supporting the idea of enslaving animals for human gain and profit etc and she listened! So much love for you Emily! keep making amazing videos for the world :)

-Carys Thistlethwaite, via YouTube

You are definitely one of my favourite youtubers. You are friendly, yourself and whenever I'm in a vegan vs non-vegan debate, I can just call on the Nugget Army and give them a Bite Size Nugget Bomb. lol Non vegans just can't argue with your videos! And since you graciously cite everything, even if they try I can fire back with those.

-bobbie whale, via YouTube

This world needs people like you. Thank you for your activism, never stop being who you are.

-Patri Feliciano, via YouTube

I love showing non-vegans your videos. You have such a pleasant way of explaining things, it seems to make them not become defensive and angry. You're one of the top spokespeople for our movement in my opinion.

-GardenOfVegan, via YouTube

Thank you very very very much for this series! As the child of 2 vegetarians, I wish this would have been available 22 years ago! I'm vegan now and have been a vegetarian for the past 10 years but my mother believed what the doctors said and raised me on meat. I myself didn't want to eat animals. So thank you very much to you Emily for this series and all these parents for being such a great example!

-Vegan Steps, via YouTube

I love your videos emily; you always speak with the truth. I am in an exchange in Italy; I am 16 years old and every day I get attacked from this mozzarella-salame-zombies. but thanks to your educational videos I always found motivation and bad-ass answers. Even my host family is eating mostly vegan. There is no excuses not to go vegan–it’s just the least we can do

-daniel sanchez yepes, via YouTube

Your content just keeps getting exponentially better. This channel is going to be at the center of the movement for the majority becoming Vegan and I hope you know that.

-Ethan Stelts, via YouTube

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I just want to thank you so much for all the information you put up out there. I know you get this all the time but watching your videos is what's keeping me strong throughout my vegan journey. You didn't turn me vegan but I don't think turning people vegan is important, I think keeping people vegan is and you're definitely one of the reasons this has been so easy for me so thank you so much. Thank you again for everything!!

-L, via Email

You're one of the best and most important Youtubers I've ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Orclin, via YouTube

This is such an appropriately awesome video for such a magical place! :) …it was an absolute honor to hear you speak and to meet you! If we'd had more time I'm sure we would've found a more eloquent way to address you (perhaps a way that didn't involve tears). Your work has had such a profound impact on so many human and nonhuman beings around the world… I mean, simply getting the opportunity to express our gratitude was sort of a huge moment for us! We'll cherish it everyday as we work toward our mutual goal to spread compassion to a world blinded by the blood in it's eyes. While there were many great minds and compassionate hearts that were instrumental in our awakening, both from omnivore to vegans and from vegans to activists, your work in particular was among the most powerful, for us. As we laughed and cried with you from week to week while we'd watch your videos, it became clear to us that we couldn't just stand by anymore, we had to act. Once we had the truth we knew we began trying to figure out how to make the animals and activism the focus of our lives. I don't think either of us though[t] we'd grow up to be full time activists, but here we are, happily rearranging our lives to make that happen! All because we woke up… and that's greatly thanks to your dedication to using your awesome human voice to create change. Emily, thank you for helping us find truth and the inspiration to really live it. Thank you for helping so many people find their compassion every single day. And thank you for being such a rad, down to earth human being! Never doubt the impact or importance of your work… Du bist ein Held!

My 5 year-old and I just enjoyed watching this. You have a great ability to speak on a child's level w/o being condescending. :)

-Kevin R., via YouTube

Though my girls are already vegan,the education does not stop. I am excited to have a Bite Size Marathon with them so they could learn to be little activists. As always, thanks for what you do.

-Vegan Tree Hugger, via YouTube

You're an honest inspiration to me, I know you don't necessarily feel like you are, but to me it's very real the level of confidence I gain just watching you inform and open yourself up. Thank you so much.

-David Reyes, via YouTube

Emily, I think you are an amazing human being. You do so much for the animals and you helped my father go vegan! I showed him a few of your videos and while he was on the brink of going vegan, your videos pushed him over the edge. Thank you! And you are adorable and funny. I love your awkwardness. <3333333333

-CarbsAre Life, via YouTube

I'm sure you've heard this many times from others but I'd like to say it myself. I think you're highly intelligent and completely compassionate and rational. Your videos are so clear and well ‘put' and make for great education and entertainment. Thank you!

-Shazie Bee, via YouTube

You are seriously one of the bests on YouTube, such quality content you are putting out there! Thank you for these videos and for spreading the vegan message.

-Montse Ortega, via YouTube

You are by far my favourite youtuber and my vegan hero!!! Thank you for existing.

-Veganeyes, via YouTube

Another masterful video… You put out my favorite vegan content on YouTube, and I subscribe to lots of vegan channels. You rock Emily; thanks for this!

-Zackariah Adam, via YouTube

I love your videos Emily, I love how passionate you are and how you present all of your videos with research and facts and somehow manage to avoid being that judgemental vegan that makes a lot of meat-eaters think that we are all awful people. Thank you, and keep up the good work :)

-Kzzinsky, via YouTube

I am so thankful I found you. You empower me and my veganism. Stay true to yourself, because this is beautifully composed [referring to The Greatest Lie Ever Told video] as are all of your videos (the way they are written/put together, not the horror, obviously) thank you again for being amazing!

-Jillian, via YouTube

You always have been, and always will be, a true inspiration to me and an invaluable help to me and many others in our vegan journeys <3

-Mark Tanner, via YouTube

I'm a grown ass man, and love your kid videos.

-vic tweezy, via YouTube

I just want to thank you so much for your videos…. You make my social life so much easier, because now I can just send a link to one of your videos to friends who ask me, why I don't eat or wear certain things. And believe me, it makes a great difference, as I either start crying or yelling when I have discussions about the consumption of animal products, because it upsets me so much that the people I love don't seem to have the slightest bit of sympathy for other sentient beings. Whereas you are always so kind and patient.

-Ynsanya, via YouTube

Emily thank you so much for these! I always reference your channel and have these in my playlist. I appreciate everything you do! My son was cracking up at the intro [to the video on wool for kids] now he is “baaaa” -ing lol

-That Vegan Mom, via YouTube

You are so inspiring, Emily! Your tireless work for the animals leaves me speechless, but also motivated to put in the effort myself. Thank you so much for this resource. In addition to thanking you with words, I'll also pledge to your Patreon ensure the sustainability of your work. Take care!

-netsraK, via YouTube

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put into making sure the things you say in your videos are actually true, and that you cite a variety of legitimate sources, which makes it easy for people to fact-check. When I was beginning to really consider transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, I read as many studies as I could find to verify the things people were saying in YouTube videos. I made the transition when all the evidence proved it was the right choice. Having checked your sources in past videos and done my own research, I feel confident the information you provide will be accurate, which is the reason I can share your videos with others.

-IOpenAtTheClosee, via YouTube

The animals are so lucky to have you on their side, Emily. You never cease to amaze me with how powerfully you are able to convey the message in every one of your videos. You are such a force to be reckoned with.

-Rebecca G, via YouTube

Thank you for existing, Emily. I became a vegan for my health but because of you I've realized there's someone else to worry about: the animals!

-Brenzhe Conatser, via YouTube

I want to thank you for making such great content and for really providing the facts backed by research! You have very powerful videos and I feel an even greater desire to find my activist voice. Thank you thank you.

-S, via

Emily, it´s people like you that make me feel less ashamed for being a human being. Thank you.Never give up.

-TheVioMelody, via YouTube

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I already appreciated you and your videos before, but now you have this fabulous kids' series. I appreciate the time and effort that went into them, and for providing me with good quality videos to show my vegan 5 year old. I also have a vegan 8 month old, and when she is older, I will show her the videos too. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, which I think is of utmost importance. While it is possible for anyone to change, I really believe that changing the minds and hearts of parents, soon-to-be-parents, or college-aged students is MOST important, as they have the opportunity to bring into this world children, which they can raise to be compassionate, educated vegans. I hope my children will someday choose veganism for themselves (once I'm not choosing it for them anymore), and your videos will certainly help in the process. So, from my family to yours, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

– The Cudnohufskys (Katie, Joel, Lane, and Clara), via

Thank you for your work! This is by far the best and most beautiful attempt at helping people make the connection between atrocities. I think this connection alone could convert millions. Thanks again.

-Oscar Pyda, via YouTube

Emily, you have helped me sooo much along my journey. I am an adult with autism(aspergers) and people thought I was just being my normal sensitive self. but with your videos I was able to show them facts.

I also showed people that it wasn't that hard for me to go vegan even with my routines and sensory issues with food.

Your words and your videos have helped me find my own voice when people question or tease me about being vegan.

you are truly a wonderful person and I thank you so much :) you make me happy dance :)

-Lillian Bonnar, via YouTube

I consider myself an experienced man who's witnessed callous apathy, ignorance and cruelty. And yet your work does two seemingly contradictory things. They literally make me cry with pain and despair as well as fill me with hope. I have no delusions about the prospect of defeating evil in the world but at least now I know I'm not alone in the war. I'm honoured to be on the same side with a person of your stalwart dedication, honesty and endurance. That, in itself, is victory of a kind. Let's prove Albert Kaplan wrong. Let's show him that there is hope

-Paul Ban, via YouTube

You're one of the most powerful voices for animal rights on Youtube, thank you for what you do! We never feel we're doing enough, but I can assure you you're doing so much for the animals!

-The Vegan Minimalist, via YouTube

My dear friend, as a Jew and a vegan I am DEEPLY moved by this video and am so very grateful for this and all the other GREAT videos you produce. You are an important asset in the work of animal abolition. Thank you! liked and shared ((hug))

– Lama Jigme Gyatso, via YouTube

Thank you!! I love your videos so much. They have made a massive impact on my life….so I am the only vegan in my family so I appreciate any tips. I think your soo freaking amazing and I love love love all of your videos!!!

-Katie Wing, via YouTube

Hey, just wanted to THANK YOU for inspiring me to go vegan! Your content is so high-quality, educational and well-produced, it's amazing! I know how much work you must've put into all of your videos…

Even though I used to be very shy, your videos motivated me to start my own YouTube channel and SPREAD the VEGAN message!

Greetings and support from Germany!

-Planet Sly, via YouTube

I am not sure what we would be doing without you, Emily. You are the best! Your dedication inspires me not only to fight for animal rights but all other matters.

-en_mi, via YouTube

You are the best. Such a genius. Am always looking forward to your videos and i have some nights, where if i know i have the day off i binge watch your channel till sunrise haha. Its like vegan school for adults and options for the kidlets to. You’re the best Emily. Wooo!

-Mina Rare, via YouTube

Thank you for all you do. You have changed my life and I will edify others with the help of these powerful videos.

-Janet Pelua, via YouTube

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I did a project on veganism for my principles of sustainability class today and I used both of your draw my life videos and I thought everyone would make fun of me like they usually do but actually after those videos the whole energy in the room sobered up a lot. Afterwards I even had a couple people considering going vegan, not including my professor!

-veganpunkhippiearchives, via Tumblr

Emily, I am one of your subscribers to your YouTube Channel. I love your humor, character and straightforwardness. My kids are vegan also like me but I still showed them your videos anyways, just for inspiration. Thank you!

-Jacqueline, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

Great video! I love your down to earth personality and straightforward information that you provide. Thank you! You are a great inspiration!

-Janice, via Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

I love how patiently and articulately you speak! Everything you say sounds well thought-out and proper. You never slur your words, rush, or ramble on and on. You are, in my opinion, the least biased, most factual vegan YouTuber I've come across. I truly appreciate that and your “nuggets”! Keep spreading the vegan message! :)

-Sammi Trus, via YouTube

Art is a reflection of the reality. Your work here sure is both. You are not only a very smart young woman that touches lives but also an amazing artist that is able to touch hearts and makes people think. That is an artist’s job. xoxoxo sending love from Germany!

-Natascha Flamisch, via YouTube

Of ALL the vegan channels I am aware of, yours is the most useful, enlightening, and enjoyable to watch. You are making such a difference. Thank you for all you do

-Planted Health, via YouTube

Your channel has helped me feel more supported and keeps me inspired! Your videos are informative, funny, touching, non-judgmental, interesting, and the list goes on. Bite Size Vegan rules

-Bonnie Fiona Haskin, via Facebook

i am thankful for you and your videos! So informative, clearly crafted with care, research, love, and passion. you've encouraged me to not be a silent vegan but an outspoken, well-informed activist/vegan. thank you for your work!!!!!

-Constance James, via YouTube

I adore and love you as a person and the work that you do! You are such a beautiful person with a strong & true message and you deliver it so eloquently, poignant and easy to understand for everyone, every time. You do provide high quality, in-depth researched and excellently delivered videos. Your videos are HIGHLY educational. You are one of my favourite activists, next to Gary Yourofsky and The Friendly Activist. Thank you for speaking out loud how I feel, thank you for being the voice for The Forgotten, thank you for keeping up the courage and the strength to keep doing what you are doing. I´m personally and on behalf of all the beautiful souls that one day will be free, grateful for you. Thank you, Emily! Sincerely and with all my love, one of your biggest fans (I´m not too megalomaniac to think I would be your biggest)

I love you. thank you so much. you keep me strong in a life full of meat eaters. that doesnt understand my compassion <3

-Jade Knight, via YouTube

Your work is so crucial to the vegan movement. Whenever I watch your videos I feel so proud and grateful that you use your voice so beautifully. Thank you.

-Michael Harren, via YouTube

I don't comment often, but I wanted to let you know that you have planted so many seeds for me. Now that I have made this life change and initially have made it through the struggle of figuring out how to manage everything (1 1/2 years now, but always still learning thx in part to your channel), I find myself wanting to start to want to do something more. I have some ideas that are just sitting dormant, but you are helping me inch closer to taking some meaningful steps. I also am starting at home – I have been able to get my husband to significantly reduce his animal product consumption – willingly! and now he is helping with getting our kids to do the same. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-JennsScrapbookNook, via YouTube

Emily, you're one of my heroes. You are a big support to thousands of vegans and I'm sure we'll make the world a better place. The truth can't be denied forever. The world is slowly waking up from old dogmas and the vegan movement will spread like wildfire in the next few decades.

-Maarten Dijkstra, via YouTube

I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing work you do for the animals and for people too!
I've been vegan for nearly a year now and I've never felt better, the only hard part is that my family (husband and 2 daughters) are/were omni. Having your eyes opened to the horrific realities of where meat comes from is hard enough, and then having to watch your family take part in it is just awful.
That’s why i wanted to thank you, my eldest daughter watched your videos aimed at children, and it just clicked! You have changed her life, she was having an awful time with digestion as well, which has already gotten so much better after just a few short days! So thank you very much and keep up the amazing work!

I have been watching, learning about the vegan lifestyle for… years? It was you and your message that gave me the courage to transition. I already admired you. It's your heart. That, you have in abundance. Thank you.

-Jacqui Michelle, via YouTube

You are truly amazing!!!
I was vegetarian for 3 years and watching you turned me vegan. Thank you so much for everything and I will always support you. You are my idol!!!

-Emma Scholz, via YouTube

I would have fallen back to eating meat if it wasn’t for your videos.

-Jason Luhning, via Facebook

Emily, you are truly a bad-ass. Watching your channel has really empowered me to educate others about the movement, keep it up girl you rock!

-Codi Maddox via YouTube

Wow. I seriously don’t think I've ever seen anyone explain so perfectly the state of the world we're in and how to make a practicable change for the better….I'm long term vegan, but I was so moved by your talk…. I have grown tired of all the vegan “guru ” types jumping on the band wagon,, or wanting recognition as “the best vegan”….. But you're so straight to the point and so easy to understand. Huge respect from London, keep up the good work! You're Awesome!!… I will be sharing! Xx

-Mat Swinn, via Facebook

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for all that you do for the animals and for Veganism. I am a huge fan of your videos and always share them. You have a wonderful way of explaining things and I think you are a great example of how to spread Veganism. I had already been Vegan for some time before coming across your page but over the last few years I have enjoyed your posts and shared with non-Vegan friends and family and also used your videos to help me explain things better so just wanted to let you know. Anyway, keep up the good work and thank you :-)

– Andy Burton, via Email

Your channel is amazing you do so much and have encouraged me to be an activist rather than a vegan that avoids questions for fear of being called preachy when answering them. Love you :)

-Goff Ze Goff, via YouTube

I'm x-military, Christian, Hispanic, gun carry republican petty much everything you think a vegan would not be, but you Gary and john coleman have changed my mind and life (cured diabetes). So know this you are making a difference and are loved by many keep up the good work, keep the faith and know in the end you were right!!!

-john silva, via YouTube

You have one of the best and most informative, educational, inspiring vegan channels on all of youtube. Other channels may have more views, but lack substance. Your channel might seriously be THE HIGHEST quality vegan channel. I don't think there is a vegan channel up right now that works harder than you do on research, explanation, variety of topics, and consistency. As opposed to other channels, I see that you actually work hard NOT to be inflammatory for attention. If I had to pick anyone to represent the entire youtube vegan movement, it would be you. You are a true educator. inspired

-kwadw0, via YouTube

I am amazed by your ability to talk about this issue in such a non-confrontational tone yet you manage to present all this information in an objective way. Sadly, not many vegans can do that. Thank you!

-Aniqa Dreams, via YouTube

This 68-year-old grandma is thrilled to see an intelligent young woman of obvious compassion speak so eloquently about the many dimensions of sentient experience. Emily has brilliantly illustrated the difficulty in living a compassionate life. Once truly embarking on a life that rejects cruelty to one segment of life, it becomes natural to open one’s heart to all that suffer, and to desire dignity and equality among all that live. Veganism is a darn good locus.

-Jane, via

Thank you for this video! my activism as a feminist and vegan is often dismissed, because i am not focusing on the ‘right' things. usually it comes from people who choose not to participate in any form activism at all and they have the nerve to rate the things i feel passionate about somehow less worthy. am i aware of other really important issues that are happening right now? of course i am and i try and learn about them every day, but as you said, you are only one person and you need to focus on what speaks to your heart the most. you are a beautiful human being, Emily, and you inspire me every time i have the privilege to watch your work. your videos are the only ones i show to my non-vegan friends because they are well researched, interesting and inclusive. you have no idea how thankful i am for everything you do for the animals (human animals included!)!

-greenmeanvegan, via YouTube

YOU ARE AWESOME! :D i have been vegan for only one year and 4 months but you have taught me so much knowledge about it. I remember watching one of your videos about veganising people around your town and laughing my head off at the very start of my journey! You are also so funny as well as kind!

Being vegan also opened my mind up to other types of discrimination that i didn’t encounter in my daily life but is still hugely apparent in the world and veganism really bought all that out for me. Again thank you for your activism, keep at it! :D

-joey jojo jnr, via YouTube

we love you, emily!
you´re an inspiration for all of us.
you have a big heart and you show so much love to every individual.
we are thankful for every video you make, every word you say and every step you take with us! thank you so much!

-Mini- Mi-Pi, via YouTube

You're my favorite YouTuber so far because you focus on educating people rather than bashing and judging other vegan YouTubers. You're such an inspiration! Lots of love and hugs to you.

-Varun Virlan, via YouTube

You are by far the most eloquent vegan youtuber, the quality of your videos is brilliant. So glad I found your channel.

-Tania Rachel, via YouTube

Hi Emily! I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your videos, but especially one. The one about the astonishing amount of animals we kill that we can't even keep track. Lately I've been slipping up and being indifferent to being a vegan for whatever reason. I don't even know why. Maybe because I was focusing way too much on the health side than I did when I first started out. Still mostly vegan but “mostly” doesn't matter, you either are or you're not. And I watched that video and I just cried so much. I cried for the animals and I cried because of my indifference and stupidity and making excuses. Your video reawakened my fiery vegan passion and I love you so much for that. I know the facts are out there but even when I was being indifferent I still watched your videos because I love being informed. And now I love staying passionate about it. To be another voice. You inspire me to no end. You are my favorite person on any social platform.
Your videos inspire and change people's lives! You've definitely changed mine.

-Kayla F., via email

I am so glad I found your videos on YouTube! They are so helpful, informative and fun! But my biggest thanks are for your kid videos– my grandson is 5 and growing up vegan with a Vegan family. He already has learned so much from you! Thanks Emily!

-Mary B. via email

Another great video, Emily. Thanks so much for making veganism accessible to everyone, regardless of age. You rock.

-Simply Mz via YouTube

You ROCK, Emily!  Your videos have had a profound effect on me and my friends with regards to going vegan.  Thanks so much for creating Bite Size Vegan and helping the animals in the ways that you do!  xoxoxoxo to you + Ooby.

-Simply Mz via YouTube

Hey Emily.  I just wanted to thank you for everything you do.  All your videos are awesome and I could literally put all of them into my favorites playlist.  You always have good content, well researched and edited.  You are the only channel I would really recommend to a meat eater because you stick to the facts, have amazing verbal skills and also don't buy into all the celebrity and/or vegan drama that's going on around you!  THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AND DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN FOR THE ANIMALS! <3

-veridian roots via YouTube

I cannot see how a non-vegan could watch this video and NOT become a vegan.  You are a powerful, thoughtful and persuasive speaker.  Thank you so much for this video, in particular, and all the work to do on behalf of the animals and the environment.

-jeanette johnson via YouTube

Before I started watching your videos I always used to lie to people about being Vegan.  I only told people if I really had to, of course not because I was ashamed, but because I found some people would become confrontational and ask me lots of stupid questions and I used to feel very anxious and angry about the situation.  But you and your amazing videos have taught me so much and made me see that animals deserve to be spoken up for no mater what! I now feel like I have an answer to all the questions about vegetarianism thanks to you and I am confident enough to challenge anyone – so thank you so much :)

-Tom Hall via

You are so freaking awesome.  I love your videos and the exact research you put in there.  Thank you for providing the internet with some really good quality information. :3

-fRiiEdA97 via YouTube

Thank YOU for creating the best content available, for trying to make a change, for your infinite patience and compassion, You do a wonderful and extremely important thing.  You're not preaching your way of life.  You actually teaching the world WHY this way of life is just, well, better and healthier for both us and animals.  Again – THANK YOU for putting so much effort and passion in what you do.

-Eugene Sharapov via YouTube

Hey Emily just wanted to say how much I love your videos!  You are so gentle and I love that there is always something educational in them!

-Lily Isabella via YouTube

Brilliant, just brilliant.  Lots of vegan channels talk about animals but it often seems forced, automatic or a perfunctory appendage.  Or they talk about the need to educate the younger generations but at the end I scratch my head wondering what was the lesson.  With BiteSizeVegan you know it's authentic and that can't be faked.

-Flashius McVegan via YouTube

Emily you are truly brilliant and obviously are meant to accomplish great things!  My son has such a hard time understanding a lot of what I try to tell him and your video was fantastic!  Much love and appreciation always!!

-On a personal yet simple journey via YouTube

Hi Emily.  I know you don't know me so I'm sorry for the intrusion.  I just really needed to THANK YOU so much for your priceless video on “What Vegans See“.  I was in tears and in awe of how eloquent and passionate your speech was.  With the help of your video I now feel like I might have a way of getting through to some dear friends and family in my life.  I've seen you mention that it took you a long time to get to the point of being comfortable enough to be a digital activist.  It must be hard sometimes to put yourself out there.  However, what you bring to the Vegan community is invaluable!  Your knowledge and passion is beautiful.  You do make an impact and I thank you from the bottom of my Vegan heart.

-Brent [new vegan] via youtube

I just watched the video with my 9 year old granddaughter.  We already don’t drink cow’s milk, but I think it tied it all together for her.  I just saw you on “Live Vegan Vibrantly” and can’t wait to see some of your other videos!  You rock!!

-Kim via

I showed this to both of my children and it is amazing how well they received it!  My son (7 years old) who has had a hard time giving up cheese or liking vegan cheese told me (the morning after watching this) that he can't help that he doesn't like vegan cheese.  He then said”I don't want to hurt animals so I think I just won't have cheese.”  We had a wonderful discussion about the video and I love that he made this decision on his own.

-Jennifer Steeves Monk via YouTube

Been vegan for a year now, and just wanted to say – you are awesome!  Your videos are always informative and level-headed.  Thanks for the inspiration! :)

-miromanyth via YouTube

I don't know how and on which circumstances I came across your channel few weeks ago, but it's safe to say you're my favourite vegan youtube-er I ever came across after watching bunch of your videos.  Don't worry, I'm not worshiping you as a vegan heroine! :)  Keep up the good work!  You got the wit, style and the looks! You'll go far! D: Cheers!

-Lucid Gardener vua YouTube

You are wonderful!  Your videos and information has helped me tremendously over the years.  I am so happy to have found you, and I'm using the information you put out to better myself as a vegan as well as sharing the vegan message with others.  People around me are slowly diving into the vegan pool and it makes my heart sing.  Thank you for everything that you do! It's pure gold.

-Elinblock via YouTube

You're such an amazing and sweet person, thank you for being so kind and spreading powerful messages for our beautiful animals! I hope more and more people stumble on your channel

-Tamara Kristic via YouTube

You're doing a great service with these videos!!  Your channel is very important, a place for vegans to educate themselves and for non vegans to learn about veganism in a way they can understand and relate to, you're really great!

-Maya Vegan via YouTube

I love how, when other people are getting angry and unreasonable about the comments made by Gary and Freelee, Emily makes a calm, rational video with no bias.  This video has made me feel a lot more understanding and at peace, after feeling uneasy because of the many angry comments and videos made in reaction to the videos from Gary and Freelee.  Thank you for spreading the message in the way you do, your videos are very much appreciated by me (and by many others, I know, also) and the way you present yourself and your information or points in your videos makes your content a pleasure to watch and always intriguing and thought-provoking.  Thank you so much :)

-Charlotte Hogan via YouTube

I just really wanted to message you.  To tell you, you touch me so much.  I watch all your videos, and show everyone I know them!  I showed my friend your video about wool.  And he was so surprised with what you said and showed.  I watch your videos and just think, what a passionate, smart, kind human being you are.  I learn ALOT from your videos, and always post them around and tell other vegans about you, and tell them you are an amazing activist to get behind and support.  I tell ya though…One video I LITERALLY, no matter how many times I watch it, cannot stop laughing at! Is your ”sh*t people say to vegans”.  OMG I have that saved on my phone, that is GENIUS! I show that to everybody

But seriously, I thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart, for doing what you do.  You've helped me so much :') you're f*cking amazing Emily.  Truly.  I love you Emily!!!!!! So much!!!!!! So much admiration for you.  You rock, man!  vegan love!  Keep posting!  I get excited when I see you've uploaded a new video haha!  Love it! x x x x x x x

-Daisy Jane Cook via Facebook

When I first considered transitioning to veganism, I had no idea how to do it.  All I knew was that I had to cut out meat, dairy, eggs and honey, and that I had to stop wearing fur, silk, leather, wool, cashmere, angora, and suede.  Googling veganism didn´t really help, as there was so much information and I didn´t know what to focus on first.  When I youtubed veganism, Bite Size Vegan came up, and Emily was there being very kind, welcoming and charismatic.  I am very grateful it wasn´t a scary, judgmental video that came up first.  She made me want to watch all of her videos, and she justified why dairy and eggs were also cruel, instead of just an arbitrary add-on rule that vegans make.  I´ve learned so much about vegan facts pertaining to tattoos, birth control, and horseback riding.  But I digress…

I´m trying to talk about when I first started out as vegan.  All I knew was to cut stuff out, and eat what´s left.  So obviously that meant eating accidentally vegan junk food like oreos and arrowroot cookies and lays original chips.  I mean when you cut out milk, I guess you can buy almond/soy milk, and get used to the taste.  But how do you replace meat?  I don´t want to eat beans and rice everyday!!!  So I saw her video featuring the chef unhealthyvegan, and it inspired me to look up vegan recipes.  Now I can make seitan from scratch, and make a savoury cruelty-free sauce of my own design, and add that to rice or potatoes.  My meals have gotten so much easier to design.  It´s easy to be vegan, and that´s the vibe that Emily gives off.  Because it´s true!!!  And I feel like Emily is a big sister that holds me accountable to continue eating vegan and she holds me up.  What I mean is, If I ever miss cheese or hot dogs, I can remember Emily´s videos of animal torture, combined with her thorough research on how humans don´t need the by products of animal torture (animal testing, animal nutrition, etc.).  I can also remember that she is so cool, and if a cool girl is doing can be vegan, then so can I.

-Crystal Illescas via

I love how, when other people are getting angry and unreasonable about the comments made by Gary and Freelee, Emily makes a calm, rational video with no bias.  This video has made me feel a lot more understanding and at peace, after feeling uneasy because of the many angry comments and videos made in reaction to the videos from Gary and Freelee.  Thank you for spreading the message in the way you do, your videos are very much appreciated by me (and by many others, I know, also) and the way you present yourself and your information or points in your videos makes your content a pleasure to watch and always intriguing and thought-provoking.  Thank you so much :)

-CHarlotte Hogan via YouTube

I love your channel!  You really make such a difference and I think I've watched almost all your videos since I discovered you less than a week ago!

-Kylie Harrison via YouTube

I just wanted to say a big thank you!  Your videos are passed onto my friends and family, casually, like a daily nugget of ferocious wisdom.
You are one of my biggest idols, for you are just like the superhero I had always wanted to be. I'll endlessly keep cheering you from my little corner of the world. Thank you again for everything.

-Kate (& my doggie Sagan because we simply-put come together)

I love, love, love Emily!  I have probably watched half or more of her videos and think that she is my new hero! I don't watch television, but I do watch Bite Size Vegan…and I love Ooby…her work is very important, and I am grateful for it.

-Saij via the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

Emily is one of my favorite YouTubers!  I love her passion and message, and refer people to her videos whenever I get grilled by non-vegans because they provide such eloquent responses.  This girl is changing the world one video at a time :)

-Molly P via the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit

I think you are the most intelligent and passionate person.  You have shown me a different view on veganism and when I feel discouraged by society for choosing this lifestyle, your videos remind me of why I am doing it.  Not only for the animals but for the environment and myself.  Thank you for being amazing.  Love you E!

-Brooke Toluba, via YouTube

This is so powerful!  Your videos have such emotional depth, really get me every time.  You've been so inspiring as an activist to me, and I really can't tell you how much I appreciate the work you do both for the animals and people like myself.  Sharing!

-The Vegan Activist via YouTube

You really do put out some of the best, if not the best, vegan content currently on YouTube. Thanks for doing this, great info and well-presented.

-Vamp tacular via YouTube

You are extraordinary!
Thank you so much for doing this video, my heart could feel your pain as if we were standing in front of every single animal that has died a lonely, painful and torturous death.
To them all, we are so sorry for your pain, but it was not in vein [sic], we see you and long to right the wrong.
Emily I love your heart and everything you are about!  Your family may deny you in this lifetime but in the end they WILL see you, and more importantly themselves.
Forget the so called popular video topics, your videos stir the heart, educate the mind, and change the world.
With much love, support and respect, I am humbled by this video xox (first time commenter but your heart felt cracked right open xox b

-LARA via YouTube

Your voice for veganism is utterly unique.  You are a special (and an especially effective) advocate. Thank you for everything you're doing.

-TitusLivy77 via YouTube

I am a 16 year old vegan who came to the vegan lifestyle after dealing with years of terrible body image and no idea what was actually “healthy”.  I had yo-yoed since I was as young as 11, restricting my calories, and then binging out.  Upon finding the vegan diet I noticed so many amazing improvements in my mood and was able to completely eliminate the panic attacks that I had frequently suffered from as a young teenager.  Along with all of these awesome personal benefits I decided to do some more research on why veganism is important.  This was mainly because I was often asked questions that I did not know how to answer and I wanted to make sure my response was factual.  A lot of my vegan life feels like I am constantly on the defense from people being unsupportive and judgmental.  At first when you become vegan you just want to tell everyone about it because you finally see the truth. It bothers me that it in today's society it is “eye roll worthy” that someone has gone vegan and not applauded.  However, when I found your channel it brought me great comfort.  There are not many vegans in Ohio so I am so thankful for the internet.  You are who has inspired me not just to be a “vegan for my body” vegan but a vegan for the planet, the animals, the other starving children, my body, and other people's bodies.  I felt the need to let you know that when I watch your videos and get to the funny, vegan-relatable sarcasm at the beginning it tells me that I am not alone and to stay strong for the animals You give me hope, inspire me every day, and make me a better activist.  In fact, I showed my mom your honey video and she actually stopped using raw honey and instead replaced it with sucanat!  Sorry for the lengthy message but I appreciate what you do so much and you have effected me personally in so many ways.

-D.N., via email

You are my most favourite activist and vegan on YouTube, period.  Your educational videos are like none other and they have enlightened me beyond belief.  You have honestly helped consolidate the compassion I feel towards animals with entertaining and incredibly educational videos. Knowledge ftw! I want you to know how important your videos are for any curious human being. Your informative nonjudgemental delivery makes a sound argument for even the most reluctant or sceptical viewer.  I wish there were more Youtubers like you.  I feel sad to see so many in this so called ‘vegan' community fighting over what type of diet (this word, omg this word!) to follow leading others who've failed on it to start create these gossip like videos, completely missing the point of what it is to be a vegan.  If one looks at it as a diet to lose weight with the extra perk of saving the animals and the planet then it's bound to fail.  It frustrates me that losing weight is the priority for most vegan Youtubers before the welfare of other beings. Sorry for ranting and venting, I know you are the busiest bee ^_^ You don't need to reply, I just hope you get to read the bit that you are awesome and that you inspire me and my friends and fucking keep doing what you're oh so good at doing :))))

-sabdopolis hem via YouTube

I watched Cowspiracy just before watching your video and I felt so sick….I really thought I wasn't doing enogh but you reminded me of all the great things I'm achieving: I'm a new mother and I'm raising my child as vegan, going against my traditional Italian family.  Again, I really thank you for all the hard work you put into making these videos and please remember always that you message is reaching out…it did with me for sure!!!

-seleneenea via YouTube

You're perfect!  I feel like the universe places you there at this perfect time, as you have in your being everything that the vegan movement needs at this time.

-Gabriel Beauchemin via YouTube

I love your channel so much you are always reminding me of the importantness (is that a word??) of veganism and showing me issues in veganism I hadn't thought about, or was convinced that there's no possible way they could shove animal products into some of theses goods (like alcohol seriously wth it's supposed to be fermented grapes) since I have never met another vegan before, you are my role model.  Thank you :)

-Jillian TheFashionQueen via YouTube

Great as ever Emily, it get's overwhelming for us newbies to get everything right from the start.  Your videos help more than anything on the net.  Documentaries of animals suffering are great for getting people to see, learn and turn vegan (well not great but you know what i mean) but it's people like you that then helps us to make the journey easier.  Thank you. :) x

-Jatinda MusicUk via YouTube

Hi Emily,
Just thought I would give ya a big thumbs up from the UK, as a recently converted vegan from a veggie lifestyle I have found your videos and blogs really entertaining and helpful, not only does your message come across clearly you manage to do it in a non preachy manner which I find very refreshing,keep up the good work you clearly make a difference, and i look forward to following you on a vegan lifestyle.

-Dave X via email

My dearest plant-based love,

Emily, you beautiful, beautiful soul.  My boyfriend and I are both vegan and found your videos about a week ago.  Ever since, we've been in love.  We've watched every video and can't get enough. You have inspired us to become better vegans (if that makes sense), completely saying NO to honey, palm oil, gelatin, and pretty much all the things that vegans ever get kind of iffy on. You have inspired us so much with your demonstration of your branding & torture, your courageous tattoos, and your extremely conscious thinking.  Your video on “If The World Went Vegan Today” or something made me cry.  Towards the end, it seemed like you were choking up, and I died inside and started bawling.  You make the horrors of the meat & dairy industry so much more real for me and my boyfriend. You have educated us so much.  I love you.  He loves you. Keep doing what you do because you are incredible and are making so much shit happen. Sending you buttloads of plant-based compassion from Seattle to… wherever you are?  Earth bless you and keep your infectious positive vibes flowing every which way, all over the world.

-N.F., email

Thank you Emily for all the lovely videos you have spent many hours of your time making, and continue to make.  Thank you Ooby for not just keeping our spirits up, but also Emily's.  Thank you for helping the animals have a voice in today's world. You have, and still continue, to show compassion towards the very important emotional needs of all the animals.  The need to be be heard and understood.  The need to be helped.  The need to be appreciated and loved.  If all the animals were freed from their cages today, they would all run to your new home to thank you.  We all hold you in our hearts as a cherished being.  Thank you, you are appreciated and loved by all of us. Keep up the wonderful work!

-Tricklife1, via YouTube

Hey Emily!  I found your channel within a week of becoming vegan and it was a stroke of luck. Your videos have helped me defend my point of view with my friends and family, as well as gave me the motivation and remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I have been an imperfect and rather clumsy vegan (accidentally buying reduced fat oreos, unintentionally eating gelatin and accidentally killing a lizard (then crying and holding a funeral for him)) but thanks to you, I was able to move past that and focus on what matters and that's the animals.  I seriously can't thank you enough.

-Sydnee Stecher, via YouTube

why YOU are awesome:
you are funny!
you do everything with your heart and soul!
you know how to explain things, so that everyone can understand!
you are caring for us, for the animals and for the whole world!
you show so much love to every living being!
you are so intelligent!
you are a very important member of the vegan community!
THANK YOU! and hopefully you´ll reach soon even more subscribers! big hugs,

-Mini- Mi-Pi, via YouTube

As a German watching your videos with great anticipation: Du bist super! Wegen dir bin ich seit einem Monat vegan!

-Isabelle Konnegen @IsaKonnegen, via Twitter

Dearest Emily, I just want to thank you for all that you do.  I have been watching your videos for a few months now, and surfing through your blog posts.  I love how well put together your posts are, your professional, calm demeanor, and your enthusiasm to educate.  You have opened my eyes to even more issues and helped strengthen my convictions to live a compassionate lifestyle.  Your posts also helped my boyfriend to finally go vegan too!  Thank you so much, and keep doing what you're doing!!! <3

-deadfawn, via tumblr

Thank you so much for your videos.  I love that you really do your research and don't just cite things like so many other youtubers.  I know that you show both sides of the story (like in the cheese addiction video).  It's great what you do and this channel is really one of a kind! your community appreciates the work that you put in your nuggets.  Go emily go:)!!!

-Franziska Hunkemoller, via YouTube

Emily Barwick of Bite Size Vegan produces wonderful, educational videos on animals rights.  Her attention to detail in all of her videos is unmatched.  Yet, she still outdid herself with this 23-minute video on THE HISTORY of vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights: Vegans In Ancient Times | The History of Veganism Part One

IT IS A MUST WATCH.  Honestly, it is one of the best videos on animal rights that I have ever seen.


Hi Emily!  I just want to drop you a message and say that I've just recently (a few minutes ago, to be more precise) discovered your YouTube channel when one of my group members in Manila Vegans shared your video called What Vegans See to our Facebook group.  I would like to take this few minutes to tell you that your video was very powerful and after subscribing to your channel, I realized your channel is ABSOLUTELY something that I need in my life — unanswered questions, ignorant meat eaters who keep celebrating how yummy their beef is, and even debates about horseback riding in our local country club!  Your videos are very powerful and empowering to us fellow vegans who have given up trying to convert other people.  With this, I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  You have inspired me not to give up, you have inspired me to keep on trying and to be strong.  THANK YOU! And definitely more, more power to YOU!

-Raisa Murillo, via Bite Size Vegan

Emily –

You clearly have a Vegan PHD.

The quality & info contained in your videos is top notch!!! Plus, they're very interesting!!!

Thanks for taking the time to put the vegan message out there!!!!

You do it better than anyone!!

-Vegan Dave, via veggie boards forum

Your channel is undoubtedly the best vegan channel on youtube!  The effort you put into your videos is just remarkable.  I am astounded.  You literally take veganism to a different level.  Please keep up the great service you are doing to the oppressed souls of this earth.I am definitely going to contribute to your channel on Patreon.  I am not earning at present but by the end of this year I promise that I'll make a hefty donation.  I will be doing a service to myself by doing so!  You rock!!

-Harsh Shah, via YouTube

I love love love love love you !!!!!!!!
I loved your vid where you explained “WHY” vegans are soooo passionate.
It really hit home for me.
It was as if hearing your words made me feel not so alone.
So thank you for being so awesome!!
I saw Earthlings in 2011 because of Ellen Degeneres' comment during an interview…..B O O M my husband & I became vegan instantly, not a lazy vegetarian, like I “was”, but vegan……instantly.

-Elissa Davis

Well done with this video Emily, I just about cried. It's so frustrating living in a non-vegan family (I'm 14 so I can't move out of home) so thank you for having an amazing YouTube channel for people to relate to, at school I have hardly any friends because I haven't found much like minded people, however whenever I watch you videos it just makes me feel a whole lot better to know there are beautiful people like you, devoted and dedicated to making a difference in this world.

-Brianna McCready, via YouTube

You're such a rock star, love this video :) The way you articulate your thoughts is as so relatable. It's inspiring to see someone doing exactly what they were born to do.  This is one of many gifts. Much love

-Julie Crow, via YouTube

Excellent! …You articulated the message more than I ever could.  I have trouble not condemning ignorance. …I remind myself, “When you yell, no one can hear you”.  You have made a perfect example on how to communicate and to get the message across to others.

-Amps for Buddha, via YouTube

Awesome, simply awesome!  I will share this video far and wide.  You have perfectly articulated my thoughts and feelings.  The world is a better place because you are in it and speaking your voice. Thank you, Emily.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If the animals could thank you, THEY WOULD!

-Spunky Bunny, via YouTube

Thanks for being one of the most reasonable and articulate people in the vegan community.  I'm favoriting this for easy access for the many times when I'm less than reasonable or articulate.

-Patrick Nottingham, via YouTube

Beautifully and persuasively expressed!  No one communicates the ethical vegan message as effectively as you.  You say what the rest of us only think.  Thank you.

-TitusLivy777, via YouTube

You're such a beautiful person.  This channel has brought so much knowledge and hope into my life!

-Kaila Fagan, via YouTube

Hi Emily,
I really just wanted to email you to say Thank you!  I went vegan last year in October, the person who planted the seed in my mind was my younger cousin, she is only 16 and has been vegan for almost two years now, I think she's awesome and wish I had a clue what was going on back then lol.  I always had the thought in the back of my head that there is something that happens to these animals that we eat.. And hearing what information my cousin shared caused me to look deeper into what actually goes on.. I had no idea I was going to become vegan, had no plans to.. But that night I knew I was now vegan.. My cousin was so happy lol.

So where you come in is I found your videos of bite size knowledge and have been following you ever since.  You make things so clear (with loads of info, sometimes I feel like watching it twice just to remember all the facts!), and you have truly helped me so so much during my journey. I work in a restaurant (unfortunately, but studying to become a personal trainer with a diploma of business to set up my own vegan shop as there is none where I am) and have experienced so much anger towards everyone for being ignorant and expecting their steaks to be just freaking perfect, as well as adjusting with all that I had learnt and dealing with my family etc I was having such a hard time dealing with my feelings, still do sometimes, and having your videos is a kind of release.

Thank you, you're awesome.  I want to help you with your cause and will set up a donation :)

-Samantha Gawlik, via email

hi Emily! :)  I'm sooo stoked to join the magnificent Nugget Army.  You madly inspire me, diving deep into the questions and curiosities posed on a Vegan's journey.  And you always make me laugh!  Your kindhearted approach and passionate mentality is really a breath of fresh air in the Vegan community.  Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do!

-M.S., via Patreon

Thank you so much (or should I say muchas gracias) for the Spanish translation of your e-book!! My b/f (not vegan…yet) is from Guatemala and although he does speak some English, it's very difficult for me to talk to him in depth about veganism and to answer his questions. You guessed it…my Spanish no es bueno :(  But thanks to you, he can read the e-book and gain a better understanding of veganism…and of me!
YOU ROCK!! :))

-M.K., via

Hi Emily, I hope you are well :) I've been vegetarian for about 15 years, plus vegan for just over 2 years now!  I just wanted to send you this message to show my strong support for you and what you are doing!  I REALLY love your great videos and have learnt so much. THANK YOU.  I am from England and I know no vegans at all and it's very frustrating and some people even think I'm strange for not eating meat, eggs, dairy and honey etc – But thanks to your great videos you have given me the skills to put them in their place and make them think twice :)  Anyway I'm just so happy to know that there are kind, caring intelligent people like you in the world!  I wish you the best possible luck for the future :)  Warm regards.

-W.F., via YouTube

Just to comment on your ‘why do you need to do all this?'  I think that I would be remiss if I didn't mention that your method is the most effective and entertaining way to talk about this issue.  There are people who are ‘you tubers' who sit and ramble in front of their computers for ten to fifteen minutes, who are just as effective but well rather boring.  I don't think anyone is putting out as great a product as you are at this current time.  It makes you great, and really makes it worth signing up to support because when you do eventually start doing your travelling roadshow (I have no doubt that you will), I feel like you're going to have a great impact.  Nobody puts as much into their channel as you do.

-Amy McRobert, via YouTube

Just want to make sure you know that what you do makes a difference for the animals, it is successful and the animals thank you and I thank you.  I watch your videos and I am writing this email now because you have had a positive effect on me and I am pretty sure many others. Veganism is successful, and it is because of you that people get the info and education they need to transform into a kinder person.  Thanks for your empathy and action for the animals.  The world needs you.


Dear Emily,
I'm a fine arts student from Australia currently living in Sydney.  I've been vegan for 3 years I think and vegetarian for maybe 8?  I love both your education videos and vloggy ones.  For as long as I remember I've cried even at the thought of animal death and torture ( softy?) but I've felt like I couldn't do anything.
I laugh so much at your humour and related a lot to your attitude to life.
I really related to your YouTube channel is so many ways. THANK YOU for giving me words to spread the message.
For some time now I have wanted to DO something for sometime now.  I went to my first Sydney vegan club event the other night and it triggered me to get off my butt and start investigating ways I can get active in stopping this madness.  I came home and watched hours of yours an Gary Yourofsky's videos.

Thanks again for everything

-Jesse Bisset, via

I love your videos!  They're so fun and informative!  I've never thought about all those animal products you mentioned (I've only been vegan for some months), so now I'm gonna catch up on your videos to learn more ;)

-anna86, via YouTube

Dear Emily, I'm sure you hear this all the time but….I just wanted to say how much we love bite size vegan.  It's full of interesting facts (why am i telling you that…you know that already) and really funny too. We love seeing when you have a new video up helping us on our vegan journey.  Thank you thank you thank you (bit creepy) ok well keep up the good work and don't work Ooby too hard. :)

-Paul & Jade via

Hey Emily,
I just wanted to say thanks for the email!  I recently found your YouTube channel, and I've been a vegetarian for about a year and a half now, but your work has inspired me to quit making excuses and become vegan!
Just keep being your awesome self!  I'll check out the resources you've provided!
Again, thanks so much!

-V.A., via email

I love the skits at the beginning of your videos, they always make me laugh my ass off :p  Your channel is not only super informative, but also really unique. Whenever I'm wondering anything I always check your channel to see if you've covered the topic because I feel like I can relate to your videos more because of your comedy and your way of explaining things out.  Keep up the good work lovely!!! :)

-Trisha Nicole, via YouTube

I recently started funding you on Patreon!  I just wanted to thank you for the incredible work you do as it has literally changed my life. I used to think there was no real urgency to becoming vegan and that so long as I was vegetarian I was at least doing something (in comparison to people who eat meat) but your videos have completely changed my perspective. I love how humorous your videos are in spite of the rather grim reality and I love how open you are to non-vegans as well!

-S.W., via

Thank you!  You are touching the lives of so many people and in doing so the lives of countless animals! Because of you I am going to be talking in a public forum about veganism.  I hate speaking in public and this will be my very first power point, but as you said in one of your videos, my discomfort is nothing compared to what the animals are experiencing.  Keep up this vital work. You make all the science easy to understand, interesting and you mix in some humor.  Well done!

-Laurie Knight, via Patreon

Emily, I’m impressed.  It’s amazing how much time, work and passion you put into your activism.  I know that whatever we do to make the vegan future happen – it will never be enough.  But people like you make me believe that one day it will happen.
I couldn’t watch the video without interruptions.  I got up and walked around in my room every two or three minutes.  It’s so sad that many people (including people who claim to love animals) don’t really acknowledge that fish too deserve to live a happy life without pain and suffering.
Why?  Because they can’t scream?  I’ve heard a lot of people say “Well, I don’t eat meat but it’s okay to eat fish” and it just makes me angry and sad.
Keep up the good work and thanks again for this awesome video.

-Sophia Belvedere, via

I'm a big admirer of yours.  You're brave in ways that I am not.  I've just started a vegan YouTube channel of my own.  I almost didn't, because I thought that without thousands of dollars worth of video equipment, sound, lighting, editing, etc., nothing I could produce would be worth watching: an if-I'm-not-BuzzFeed-I'm-toast kind of mentality.  Then I saw what you did, and I realized that your voice was different from mine, and mine was different from the next person's, but we all had something to say that would reach people (you did a video about this subject; what a coincidence).  This is absolutely a shameless plug, but it's also a note of very sincere thanks for doing all that you do and for inspiring me to break through my shell.

-The Nerdy Vegan, via email

Hey Emily!  I just wanted to say that the work and time you put into your videos does not go unnoticed. Very few people are as altruistic as you, and for that, I thank you.  I think your videos are great, concise and informative; so keep doing what you're doing, because you are inspiring people like me to make a difference! :)  Vegan love.

-S.F., via YouTube

Hey Emily!  I just discovered your Youtube channel and Facebook page and I just wanted to tell you that you are freaking awesome!!  Your recent video really uplifted me and I just made the decision to start a youtube channel and my own Facebook page as well to get the word out more!!  I just moved back to Germany from the States and I wanna step into Gary's footsteps (dream big right:)) and hold presentation about veganism around the country, I have a big one coming up next month in a university and I would like to film it, and edit it and all that stuff.. my question for you is, do you have any advice for me on how to edit videos and make them look as cool as yours on YouTube for example?  I have no idea how to do this stuff, if you could tell me the tools you bought or that you are using on your computer, I would greatly appreciate it, vegan greetings from Germany!!

-Christian Hansen, via email

Thank you so much for making this playlist (vegan ethics and morality).  I am trying to educate myself on veganism and your videos are really opening my eyes to the cruelty animals go through, while most of us humans are completely oblivious.

-Holly mackintosh, via YouTube

Emily you are absolutely one of my favorite YouTubers

– Niles Gilmore, via YouTube

Hi Emily, I just wanted to let you know how life changing your videos are.  They are the most well thought, articulate videos on veganism I've seen, and it seems like you have the capacity to school any meat eater.  Thanks for giving me the courage to do the same. Plus I just love your sense of humor too, I wish I had friends like you! (Btw, I never comment on any Youtube videos…but I had to break my YouTube silence to let you know how awesome you are!)  I was wondering if you would consider doing a video on the vegan ethics of the death penalty?  Maybe with Gary?  I think it would be an interesting topic (and probably open up a can of worms in the comments section lol)  Anyhow, love your videos, please please please keep doing what you do!

Peace and love.

-Allie Abutaa, via YouTube

Hey, I agree with pretty much everything you say.  You have inspired me to send the vegan message to others.  This year alone 4 people from my class have become vegan for unknown reasons. Whatever they may be being in a group of people who are truly compassionate and unwilling to contribute to every days atrocities feels so supportive and reassuring.  It's really you who inspired me to go vegan for the ethical reasons.  I remember when I tried going vegan for dietary reasons I always failed. Thank you for being so inspiring and selfless.  It's people like you that make the world a better place. #respect

-meldrav, via Instagram

Lady you are AMAZING!  Ok you are super talented!  You honestly need to be on PBS or doing documentaries… You seriously should submit this video to an agency or something!!!  Second, excellent content, I totally cried!  Thanks you for doing this in-depth report…  it truly is completely illogical for us to pick and chose which animals are food and which are non-food…  I mean as a former meat eater, I know upon hearing they eat Dogs in China, sent shivers up my spine… but eating a chicken or cow was fine.  NOT.  I met some cows at a retreat I went to and one of them would follow me everyday from the little cottage I stayed in up the road to the main house.  And she like to be pet and ever after thats when my thoughts started to change.  Plus… as far as dairy goes… just look at the amount of dairy allergies… and I could go on… but again your video ROCKED.  And honestly your style and demeanor and stage presence is just as good as anyone I have seen on TV.  You honestly need to be in the world more :)

-Jamison, via

Hi Emily!
I wanted to thank you for the video on V-Dog.  My daughter and I are transitioning our two babies to the vegan lifestyle.  We did some research on what is actually in their current dog food and were disgusted to see all the rotten meat package and all, euthanized animals and other things that should not be consumed by anyone or thing.
If it wasn't for you we would never have known it was possible.

-Jennifer Y via email

Emily, this video was not only funny and well-produced, but also very insightful.  The message is simple: support and recognize anyone who promotes, protects, and preserves veganism and animal rights.  Like anything/anyone else in this world, there are countless variants and expressions used to reach one's goal.  There is no one-size fits all, and everyone needs to find something that works for them.  If you can't find it, then make a new way yourself!  Anything is possible if we care enough.  As a genderqueer vegan chef and who's traveled 1000s of miles from home to home, I know a thing or two about reinvention.  PS, your bod is bitchin.  But, you know what, your message and candor are so heartfelt, pure, and simple that I was “distracted” by your thoughts and words :)  Keep doing what you're doing and many, many blessings to you and your passion!

-Glen Weldon, via YouTube

Hi Emily, I've only come across your YouTube channel this week and I wanted to say what a truly beautiful person you are.  Ever since I was little, I've been passionate about animal rights and welfare.  One of my earliest memories was from when I was about 3 – I cried for hours after my mum laughed at and called a turkey at a farm ugly – I actually made her apologise to the turkey.  I also remember kicking and screaming at the TV whilst watching a programme about hunting.  I've always felt very alone in my feelings of anger and sadness at how humans treat animals in this world.  That is until I came across Gary Yourofsky and recently you!  I want to say thank you for the amazing work that you do, you're very inspiring.  I cried for ages when you showed your tattoos of the pig and the cow with ear tags.  It was incredibly moving.  I've always felt powerless. I got fed up with people talking me down and telling me how ridiculous my beliefs were, so much so that I just gave up and started eating meat during my early twenties.  Although I turned vegan again a few months ago.  The inspiration I've gained from you and Gary has helped me to feel less powerless, and I want to start making some sort of difference here in the UK.  I'm signing up to do an Animal Welfare course soon, so fingers crossed! Much love to you and Ooby…

-Katrine Saliba, via email

Hey! Hi,
I follow a lot of Vegan channels, personalities, groups etc etc… but yours one of the most inspiring, articulated & smart ones!  Thank you so much.  Love to you,

-M.M., via Facebook

Hi Emily,
Thank you so much for informative videos and for your passion and work.  I have watched all your videos and just want to let you know that I started on the vegan path for some time now but I have been quite undecided (or unconvinced) until stumbling upon your channel.
You have been a great support and source of information and motivation and just wanted to let you know that and to thank you.

-Anca Bobirsc, via email

I have never sent a message on here before so i hope you get it.  I just wanted to say how much I admire you.  I LOVE the way you do your videos. funny, informative, to the point, not pushy and honest. You are definitely going about promoting veganism the right way.  I have only recently become vegan and ill tell you what..  If I found your videos earlier… I would have become vegan a loooooong time ago! Keep up the good work.  You are an inspiration.

-T.W., via YouTube


-K.S., via Facebook

I'm still smiling after watching more of your videos last night…glad we got to ‘connect' and spend some time together, well kind of that is [only ‘kidding'/:)], but I now must seriously tell you that I have gotten more info, support and ‘good' vibes from you in 2 days than the last 14 months on VF…again, I realize I'm only one of many who follow you, however I feel so fortunate I decided to take a closer look at your site, and grateful for what you're doing with your life!! your presentations are really ‘enlightening', and fun too…like I alluded to last time, I expect to spend much more time following you {figuratively/haha}, rather than on VF….hey, again this msg isn't about finance$, however I'll soon decide what amount I can afford to contribute, and the best method i can use……anyway, it's still quite early here, as I sip on a coffee and listen to my usual weekend local radio program…….feel-free to write anytime, however I don't have any expectations….

-J.B., via email

Hey Emily my name is Luke and I have watched you for a really long time and think you are the most amazing person because you tell people its all okay almost like they have a choice but it hits their soul.  I am very passionate about helping the animals I myself have been vegan for a year and  I am in desperate need of your help to spread the vegan message because every time i walk past a McDonald I want to cry because people have been looking at life through tunnel vision and don't see whats really in their “food” so if you wouldn't mind I was wondering if you could give me a hand with some tips to spread the message because I want to reach as many people as possible.  Thank you for reading this it means the world to me and I think you are a truly amazing person, you are an amazing and heart felt person and if I ever get the chance I would I love to give you the biggest hug in the world because you are my biggest inspiration.

-Luke Miller, via

Hi,Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your videos.  Having been lactose intolerant/ forcibly Vegan (allergies to pretty much anything animal!) for most of my life (lactose intolerance from late childhood and growing allergic reactions to meat/ animal products from early teens), I always felt I should have an excuse and that I was at fault for some reason.  After watching your channel over the last few days, I have finally gained the courage to stand up tall about my Veganism.  Thank you again for your help and advice.  It has helped me to step forward and accept that I am not just naturally Vegan, but also RIGHTFULLY MEANT to be Vegan.

-Andrew Owen, via

From the first second Mychael McNeeley introduced me to Emily's channel I was in love with her videos! SO much information with the perfect sense of humor.  Emily is SO smart, passionate and wonderful and I am so thankful for her existence.  We can all benefit so much from her.  Emily, too bad you won't see this post, because your hard work is deeply appreciated!  At least from me, every single day!

-Nina Lynch, via Facebook

Wow.  I have never messaged a YouTube maker before.  But I had to message you.  You based on really science have made me truly reconsider the dietary choices I have assumed all my life.  On nothing more then science.  You go girl….

-Mary cw, via email

Hi Emily,
…I love your videos and your enthusiasm. People like you make me feel I'm not alone on that vegan journey, so thanx a lot for everything you do.  Best wishes from a Czech vegan girl

-H.M., via Facebook

There coating my apples in bug…!!! Your video can be so funny and serious at the same time, I almost fell of my gym ball laughing.

-Chel-lalasVeganMania, via YouTube

Hey Emily, new patreon checking in :) I'm not really active on social media, so sending the high-five per email should be just fine and as a name for the member card my real name is also sufficient.  I also want to use the opportunity to thank you for all you are doing.  Your videos played a big role when I went vegan after being vegeterian for many years and even after that they inspire me to be more active in regards of animal rights.  After all that I think it is time to give something back for that in exchange.  Wish you the best and keep up the good work

-S., via Patreon

Hey Emily, I'm Nicole from Singapore and I'm 15 years old.  I would just like to thank you for what you do and you really change the lives of people and animals for the better.  You truly inspire me!  In Singapore, we don't have many people who will openly and firmly stand up for animal rights. I hope to one day be like you and spread the truth to people.  I have been a pescatarian for about a year before I turned vegan.  And I plan to stay vegan for the rest of my life.  You are a huge reason why I chose to become vegan.  I still remember that night when I watched one of your videos and I was balling my eyes out. I ended up watching almost all your videos within the next few days. If I didn't take that first step to watch your video, I would have been deceived by the food industries and probably be subjected to a lot of diseases in the long run.  Thanks to you, I feel great!  And I just had to thank you and tell you how awesome I think you are.  Keep doing what you do :)
My family wasn't very supportive of me during my first few weeks of being vegan.  My dad used to provoke me and mock me for the fact that I chose to become vegan.  He said horrible things about animals and he would laugh at his own ‘jokes'.  He also said that I was only one person and that I won't make a difference in the world.  I felt so misunderstood and alone.  I was having second thoughts about whether going vegan was the right decision.  But thanks to your videos, I had the will to stick to what I believe in.  You empower me, oh wise vegan warlord!  After enduring criticism from the people I love the most, with much persuasion and argument, I have managed to get my family to give up dairy milk!  It is one small step but every great journey starts with a first step.I'm really happy about that and I couldn't have done it without all the information you have provided in your videos.  Thanks to you, I have found my passion and purpose.  Going vegan was, and will always be, the best decision of my life.  Thank you for what you do.  Thank you for being so freaking awesome.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for your time :)

-N., via email

I think you are absolutely fantastic!  Your videos are very informative and I find you to be very kind and most of all you are very genuine.  You are one of the biggest factors in me becoming a vegan I am only 2 weeks in but I know this is for life.  Thank you so much for your time and effort.

-Madison MMoney, via Facebook

Hi, I just watched your 45 min talk on YouTube and wanted to tell you how much I admire you and your determination in the face of total incomprehension.  I saw you in a different light or more fully after I watched the branding you underwent.  Almost no one goes to the ends of their beliefs.  I don't believe what you did was extremism but the most clear sighted sanity.  I know that I wouldn't have the courage to do such a thing not because of the pain but because of the judgement.  I censor myself because I know how others will perceive me and yet even so my veganism has caused hostility in my family and an embarrassed silence among my friends.  I am looking for my own way to raise awareness because at the moment I am feeling internal pressure to act, to not ‘stand by' thanks for your hard work and humour and just being out there for all the isolated vegans in the world.

-Yolanda Macrae, via YouTube

You are one of the most intelligent and smart people I have seen, sweet and honest human and gentle, a real woman that spreads the truth in a very kind and interesting and harmonic way!  Thank you keep doing an amazing job hugs and kisses from Israel! Hope to see you here some day soon!

-E.H., via Facebook

I subscribed to your channel because you talk about helping animals with such passion, and show health benefits of things in a really good and unique way, I LOVE that!! :)  Sorry for the English… but I'm supporting you here in Portugal!!!

-Daniela Correia, via YouTube

I am in complete admiration of your diligence and prodigious efforts in putting these videos together. What a great vegan advocate you are, Emily.  People may not agree with you, but they certainly can't question your delivery – which is tactful, concise, educated and consistent throughout each of your presentations.  From one vegan to another – you have educated me and helped further my own arguments.  Consider me a soldier in the nugget army.

-Dedalus, via private message

I just wanted to say how much I love your channel and the activism that you do. :) You are very inspiring!! Such honesty is powerful.

When I was younger, if you care to know, I stopped eating jello at age 10 because I learnt about gelatin and where it came from, then I stopped using feather pillows around 14, but never did I ever think I'd grow up to learn I was vegan!  I started with Freelee's videos, then Gary's.  And that was it.
Now being vegan and trying to find my way, it is so helpful to watch your channel.  You answer so many questions-and I don't feel as crazy any more!  Haha.. yeah. I had no idea that the food part would be the easiest adjustment to make.  Your videos ask questions and open doors and connect people.

Thank you for all that you do!!!

-Abby Carlson, via Email

I want to thank you for your humour, forthrightness, openness, friendliness and dedicated work you share through your short videos (I'm glad you made them short :) ) presenting our important message, A R and veganism. Even when using troubling facts and disturbing images you share the info with care for your viewer's.  Its much appreciate here in Dublin where we work with vegan curious people and love that we can share distressing facts with laughter through your work, making our work more easy and joyful.

-Pears, Dublin, via email

Your website and videos are a vegan oasis in a omnivore desert.  Thank you. Also, thank you for your bravery, yes bravery.  It's no small thing to present yourself in person on-line, especially promoting something that so many find emotive and line up to decry.  You are an inspiration.  I love your website, it's very user friendly and engaging.  You videos are personable and charming, as are you.

                                                                                                                                 –Andrew Barrett, via email

Thank you so much for all your work and dedication, Emily!  Your videos are truly inspiring and very informative for fellow vegans and non-vegans alike.  I just want to say, I respect and admire Gary Yourofsky with all my heart and he is the one who opened my eyes and one of the reasons why I turned vegan.  But you're the one that has helped me stay vegan!  Whenever I feel discouraged or sad, I click on one of your videos and I don't feel so alone anymore.

-Pythia Poe, via YouTube

I came across your YouTube channel and then webpage today, and just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do!  Your humour and quirky awesomeness really hit home and were exactly what I needed.  I was having one of those moments where I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and sad after thinking about all the suffering and pain so many people seem indifferent too.  So I went on a hunt for positive messages and perspective, your videos totally turned my day around :)
Anyways, I think your just great and wanted to send a quick note.  Thank you for all that you do!

– Brittany Minchin via Email

I just want to say thank you for so creatively sharing your knowledge!!  I can not express how much your channel means to those of us with a thirst for knowledge and facts, an absolute blessing.

                                                                                               -On a personal yet simple journey, via YouTube

You are very special–have unique personality.  You are making the change by inspiring and educating so many others –those vegans or nonvegans.  You are growing stronger and wiser and becoming the genuine, compassionate true human being and one of the most effective and comprehensive also accessible vegan teacher on the internet as well as real world :))  I totally admire your passion about making the world a better place for innocent beings and I think you are about to become a very powerful activist very soon in the future and we'll hear your name next to the Gary Yourofsky (and his activism) on the main stream.  Love you Emily. Stay warm :)

–hocus-pocus, via YouTube

If I was a non-vegan watching these videos I wouldn't have felt targeted, mocked or like I was watching a humourless cult.  I would have thought that here were people who for sound reasons were not wanting to harm animals.  And if I was a non-vegan but considering adopting a vegan lifestyle, I wouldn't be facing a life of only tofu and kale.  What a fantastic series of videos you made to support people during the holiday season.  Great amount of work and it really shows.  I hope you have found some time off for yourself and Ooby to relax as well.

                                                                                                                         –Garson Hunter, via Patreon

I've just recently found you and I LOVE love love your channel :D.  You are an amazing lady, v funny and have the most awesome way for spreading the vegan message.  I was trying to explain the evils of honey and dairy over the weekend to some family and I'm ridiculously crap at explaining things/getting the point across.  Your honey vid was just what I needed, THANK YOU :D!!!.

 -Sarah V., via YouTube

As a young vegan, and have been since I was 12 (now 16).  It's easy for me at times to get discouraged when I see all my friends eat the foods that I no longer eat, or travel to different countries and never get to try the local cuisine, etc.  You're videos remind me of the reasons why I choose to be vegan, and continue to make that choice every day as well as speak up about veganism whenever I can to anyone willing to listen.  You're one of the most inspirational vegans I've ever met.  And just watching how passionate you are when you talk about the subject makes me feel like a more powerful person and that I can too change the way people think about veganism.  Thanks so much for your videos, I'm so glad I found them.  Much love.

-Carol Shlykhova, via Youtube

Thank you so much for your videos.  Your website is an easy, convenient source of information that everyone should know about.  Unfortunately we don't live in a world were this very important information is something that the media wants people to know about, so it becomes a difficult job to compile all of the statistics and evidence.  Most people don't really care enough to do that so they remain in the dark. but thanks to your hard work  I am certain many people have become informed and will now act accordingly with the information.  And not to mention that they are also entertaining videos (with the exception of the discussion of animal cruelty horrors) Bitesizevegan videos are the most effective and convincing videos regarding why veganism is something that everyone needs to engage in, that I have come across.

                                                                                                                 -C.C., via email

I don't know how you do it, Emily, but I'm grateful you can.  Watching such appalling footage for a couple minutes is traumatizing enough but you have to go and do +30 hours of research/editing on it and then keep debating the subject over and over with the people who refuse to make the connection.  It's a tough job but you have no idea how grateful we are that you're doing it (with your sanity intact) and I hope you find much more positive feedback and support this year, munnies or otherwise ❤︎

                                                                                              -Yasumi Hoshikawa, via YouTube

Emily, thank you so much. I knew you could find your voice and it is amazing.  You are amazing.  I really admire you.  You inspire me when I feel depressed by all the sadness of animal injustice. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to see this sooner, but we have two sick baby Bostons.  Both have been ill due to cancer.  And even though I have more time because I am unemployed, I am so glad I can be home to help my babies.  We were not given much hope for one of them, but I never quit on someone I love.  Well, taken a break and seeing your video give me strength I need right now.  So thank you for being a friend and mentor.  I am always humbled by all my vegan brothers and sisters, but there are only a few that really make the difference.  And you are one of the best.

-Mark Vegano, via YouTube

Your videos are amazing!!  I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making your videos.  They are short, educational and easy to understand.  You really help me know what to say when someone asks me something about veganism.  Thank you so much :)

-Secret Vegan, via YouTube

I really admire how all-inclusive you are and how accepting you are of all forms of veganism.  I find it refreshing.  I think we can all get so defensive about proving that our way is the best way that we can lose site of the fact that it's actually about the animals.  I am so guilty of forgetting this myself. When I promote veganism to those around me, I can sometimes become so adamant that they eat high carb and low fat that it can really turn people off that might otherwise be interested if I presented them with more options.  Watching your videos reminds me of the ultimate goal–and that's stopping the abuse and exploitation.  It doesn't matter if they want to eat a dozen vegan doughnuts for breakfast every morning or eat nothing but high-protein soy burgers.  Your videos remind me to throw my bias aside because any form of veganism is better than none.

-Rebecca, via 30BananasADay

Bite Size Vegan is honestly my favorite vegan YT channel!  After all of the research I've done on my own, your videos have still given me some information I couldn't find elsewhere, and helped me stay relatively sane by delivering advice and knowledge in a playful way.  I know you'll continue to reach a lot of people, and I often wish I could do more to benefit the lives of animals. So, by contributing somewhat to your work, I feel like a part of something hugely influential.

-Amanda Basset, Bite Size Vegan Patron, via Email

[In reference to the video on honey]  Thank you so much for this video.  I went vegan in January, though I have to admit I didn’t really agree with the vegan stance on honey.  I still occasionally drank honey in my tea, though I didn’t buy any NEW honey after I went vegan and began replacing honey with other sweeteners (like maple syrup, stevia and coconut sugar).  The “It’s bee vomit!” argument didn’t sway me, nor did the “bees are slaves and being exploited!” argument, as I just didn’t see insects in the same way I see animals.

Thanks for the wealth of information you shared here – the environmental importance of bees as compared to humans, their intelligence, the negative health impact of honey on humans and how bees are treated were quite powerful arguments that I can’t really turn my back on.  No more honey for me! J

-artsysimone, via YouTube

You're such an inspiration and I love watching your videos and your ebook was so incredible! What you're doing is so amazing and I hope your message reaches as many people as possible! Awe I'm so star-struck :')  You're my role model.  I always show people your videos when they question me on things and I don't know what to say.  Keep doing what you're doing its amazing.

-Ethical_vegan, via Instagram

Great video!  I’ve only been vegan 4 months but I adore it, the more I watch your videos the more I find myself looking up to you as a role model, thank you for everything!

-Lace Tanna, via YouTube

Hi Emily (and Ooby of course!!) Firstly I have to say… I absolutely LOVE you guys… you are my hero and my inspiration, along of course with Mr. Gary Yourovsky.  I have no favorite celebrities, but when asked “if you could have lunch with anyone…”  I would most certainly answer “Emily, Ooby and Gary!!” (at a vegan restaurant of course!) Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much for being you… Your videos have gotten me through many a long midnight shift at work, and have educated me in so many ways, in turn helping me to educate others.  Whenever I get the “but isn't being vegan hard/unhealthy/insane, etc” question, I always refer people to your YouTube channel.

– Lorraine via contact form

Hi!  Just wanted to send you a warm thank-you and internet-high-five.  I recently stumbled upon your YouTube channel and binge watched almost all of them drinking some (vegan) pumpkin beer. And then made my boyfriend watch them all, too.

Your website and videos provided me with the language to explain a belief system that I always innately understood and believed, but was ill-equipped to articulate within the carnist (See?! New vocab FTW!!) mindset and lexicon that I was brought up in.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I whole-heartedly appreciate and admire your awesome contributions.  You're a badass.

-Aubrey, via email

You are my tattooed and raw inspiration! I’ve been vegan for a while, but I have been struggling with my depression and health for quite some time (prevegan) While veganism has helped I’ve hit a wall and well, the wall said, “Go raw you silly fucker.”  It’s hard to stay on track, especially with my eating disordered background, but I have finally found someone I can look up to!  I love how you make a point that there are many ways to go vegan, just as long as your vegan.

-Rachel, via YouTube

Omg, I've only watched a couple of your videos, but they are so loaded with important information I'll have to go back and watch each one several times to absorb all the facts.  I'm already a committed vegan so your channel only reinforces that commitment. thanks so much for all your work.  (I can't watch more than 20 seconds of the horror footage which is why I am so committed to veganism.  If after watching some of that factory farm/slaughterhouse footage a person can still happily eat meat and dairy, it's beyond my realm of understanding.)

-Jeanette Johnson

[In reference to the video on wool] I just want to cry.  I knit, and it had no idea that these beautiful animal were treated this way when they were sheared.  I will never purchase wool again!  Thank you for the education, I feel awful that I ever supported that with my dollar.

-Stephanie Hildebrand, via YouTube

You've done great work with the more obscure topics (bees, pets, wool, etc).  It seems like we're always looking for the exception to enslave an animal.  Despite being vegan, I wear wool athletic clothes.  You've made me reconsider that and I no longer buy wool.  I never even considered that riding a horse was bad for the horse as long as it was done carefully and lovingly; but you're making me reconsider that too.  Thank you for your efforts on educating even the educated.

-Andrew Snow, via YouTube

Honey has been one item hard for me to give up. (even though I rarely have it, am talking 1 or 2 times a month.)  But after watching your video on honey and how well you presented it.  I am ready to give up honey from this day forth.  Thank you.

-Cassandra Bennet, via YouTube

Beautiful video!  Thank you soooooo soooooooo soooooooooooo super much for what you do! You are such a incredibly beautiful person with an astronomical heart, thanks so much for standing up for the suffering animals and for whats right, your videos are amazing impactful and full of love!  You are making such a great difference I am so happy your on this earth, you already are helping beyond imagine i know it!!!  Never stop yo thunder gurlfrand!  You make the world so hopeful, I know everybody here is so proud of you!  When I watch your videos I'm filled with bliss, because your kicking behinds to end this tragedy and your so strong and passionate your going to do amazing things in this world, thanks for being here!  I love you sooooo much, may the best come your way!  Thank you thank you thank you!

-Kathy Gonzalez, via YouTube

Anyhow, not sure if you will even see this or if you will have time to write back but I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I think you are awesome and that you are making a difference and to keep doing what you are doing (I am even finally switching my rescue pitbull (Kota) to VDog because of your video and all the positive information I learned).

-Dakota, via email

You are a natural teacher speaker performer.  I have since learned about your art.  I’m impressed with you in general.  These videos have turned into a late night routine in my life.  Its so exciting to learn loads more after 3 years vegan.  I feel inspired and armed with so many tools of knowledge. I also cant wait to see the rest of the interview with Gary.  I think he is incredible as well, I am on a losing streak for influence people to veganism.  I cant wait to get better at this. I want to be a teacher.  Sorry for my long note just wanted to get in touch and thank you for being so passionate and brave.  You are building an incredible resource.  You rock my socks girl!

-Ashley, via

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for making the video about pets and veganism.  I have been wanting to change my dogs diet for a while, but I was always put off by people telling me it was animal cruelty and that dogs “need” to eat meat.  Your video has answered all off my questions and even a few I didn't think to ask.  Thanks again.

-R.L., via Facebook

I've been vegan for the last 4 years but I’ve learned a lot in only 4 min. with you!

-Miguel A Michel, via YouTube

I've been vegan for three years and I'm ashamed to admit that I've never done any research on the bee keeping industry.  Your video is the first I've seen about the horrors inflicted on bees, and I can happily say that you've changed my stance on honey completely.  I'm just upset that it took me this long to find out :(  Thank you so much, I love your channel!

-santaworksforsatan, via YouTube

Hey Emily! Just wanted to say I'm addicted to your YouTube channel.  I used to afraid of the negativity that people create when I talk about justice for animals.  You have been an inspiration to me to be more active on my biggest passion.  Keep up the good work!  Biiig hug from Turkey

–C.C., via Facebook

You're a breath of fresh air in the YouTube vegan people.  You're hilarious, smart and I love what your doing :) keep making videos!

-Chillactothemax14, via YouTube

What can we baby and I met you at vegfest today!  What a rush to meet a true heroine of ours!  Brittany could have talked to you all day!  She wanted to tell you how fantastic it was to meet you, and to hear your talk!  You ROCKED!  Thank you Emily for caring, sharing and helping us to grow into a family member!  You are a real celeb to us!  We will forever be grateful for you sharing your light, and empowering us to become better humans, better people, and real animal lovers! We have been meat free vegetarians, and are crossing into your clique of “vegans”!  We love you!!!

– Billionareboysclubone, via Instagram